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Posts from — December 2011

Non-Citizen Voting Rights

City Council Dem Caucus Chair Ed Adrian forwarded me this memo written by attorney Dan Richardson of “eat more kale” fame.  He indicates the city would have an uphill battle to give voting rights to non-citizens.

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December 30, 2011   1 Comment

Wanda Hines

Wanda Hines held a press conference to say she’s thinking about running for mayor.  I don’t quite understand that.  Why bother having a press conference if you haven’t decided?

I hope she runs.  It would make the election more interesting.

December 22, 2011   16 Comments

Democrats Nominate Weinberger

Most reports were that it was 655 for Miro 530 for Ashe.  Ed Adrian and channel 17  right now saying 533 for Ashe but it obviously makes no difference.   If you recall the score at the end of round 3 was 540-540 which means Ashe got virtually all the same people he got the first time, and Weinberger did too, plus got virtually everyone who’d left before round 3 last time. who came back this time.  If that makes any sense.

Weinberger said “turn the page and write a new chapter” which is exactly what people want to hear.  Tyler Machado tweeted 19 minutes ago “Ashe says he’ll support Miro even if the Progs nominate a candidate tonight.”

The Republicans nominated Kurt Wright today too.  So it’s Weinberger vs. Wright so far.  Now let’s see what the Progs do…

Update: 7:04pm Prog caucus votes unanimously to postpone mayoral nomination.

December 11, 2011   2 Comments

Dems, Progs to Pick Nominees

I hate when bloggers selfishly deviate from the topic people tune in for, just to whine about their lives and their personal situations.  They might put up a “donate” button or announce they are “taking a break” from blogging, etc.  Blah blah blah, Boo hoo hoo.  Nobody cares.

But I will today say that for me personally, making it to the Democratic mayoral caucus fourth round vote today will probably not happen.  Like everybody else I have money issues, family issues, health issues and other generally personal types of issues that must take priority on some days.  For me today is one of those days.

I mention this because I voted for Bram Kranichfeld in rounds 1 & 2 of the original caucus, so I would be allowed to vote today.  The Progressive party will also choose a candidate for mayor, or not, today.  I’m not so sure I’d be allowed to take part in that vote, although I don’t know what the party bylaws say.  Anyway I won’t be attending or covering this caucus either.

FYI for readers who may wonder about my political affiliations- A quick recap of my leanings from as far back as I can remember- 1980 I was aware of the election of Reagan over Carter but I was neutral about it; 1984 The experience of hearing Geraldine Ferraro speak at memorial auditorium had me rooting for Mondale on election night; 1986-87 I was obsessively fearful of the Soviet Union, and of the Sandinistas in Nicaragua- supported Reagan; 1988- Leaned for Dukakis but not strongly; 1991 I ran for mayor as an Independent (I); In 1995 I announced for mayor as an independent, then became the Progressive Coalition (PC) nominee for city council from Ward 3; served as PC councilor from 1995-1997; in 1998 I voted against George W. Bush’s reelection, but also did not support his Democratic opponent Garry Mauro.  This was in Texas. Then back in Vermont in 2000 I voted for John McCain in the Rebublican presidential primary; In 2001 I ran for Mayor again as an Independent (I); In 2004 I worked for Dean’s campaign a little, voted for him in the Democratic primary, then held my nose and voted for Kerry in thr general; in 2006 I voted for Hinda Miller in the Democratic mayoral primary, then supported Bob Kiss for both his runs after that.  Then in 2008 I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary, and Obama in the general, which I expect will be what I do in 2012 also.

I have considered myself an independent since 1997.

So other folks will get us the results of the Democratic and Progressive caucuses today, and we can mull it over later.  Good luck to all the candidates.


December 11, 2011   1 Comment

Interview with Tim Ashe

The following is a faithfully transcribed conversation between me (Haik Bedrosian) and mayoral candidate Tim Ashe recorded at The Bagel Cafe and Deli in the Ethan Allen Shopping Center on North Avenue on November 27, 2011 between 11am and 1pm. Ashe is currently a state senator from Chittenden County and is running for the Democratic nomination for mayor of Burlington…

Click Here to Read Interview

December 9, 2011   1 Comment

Live Blogging Recorded Debate

This debate was on today live but you can watch it as long as Gannett lets you at:

12:37  I’ve watched up to 12 minutes 37 seconds and I am now deciding to save time by watching it and blogging it simultaneously.  Up to now I am very impressed by Miro and I’d say he is winning the debate…  He is doing a great job of reintoducing himself and his experience… he took a little dig at Tim at 56 seconds in… “as someone a little bit older, a little bit farther along in their career…”

13:30 Ashe asks Miro if he’s calling him a career politician… Miro says Ashe touts his electoral experience, Miro a new candidate.

15:30 …some back and forth… is ‘Airport is to Miro as BT is to Tim’ a false analogy?  A false dichotomy?  A concept cooked up by Pamela, Paula and Shay over drinks at the Daily Planet?… Miro says his record is “exactly the opposite” of Tim’s… Ask’s Tim to talk about BT… Tim defends statements about BT in video with ‘context…’

21:37 …BFP: What makes you say… now why can’t we fix that?  TA- ‘Low grade drug activities…’  MW- ‘Rental property maintainance…’  BFP-blah blah blah… quality of life…blah…

oh… Ashe lives in Ward Seven…

31:42 …Aaarg.  Still on ‘quality of life’ issues?  You suck BFP…   Ashe…”Tipping point”  ….tipping point….hmmmm….tipping…point…

I’m getting sleepy… it’s 11:18pm in real life…  how much more of this is there?  It’s about 75 minutes total… where am I?  Oh yes…

34:35- More quality of life….   Ashe: Cops and Jail time; Miro: Turning point, peer to peer counseling

Free press asks if State is failing on reducing jail costs and prisoners- Ashe- Women’s prison in SB as positive example…

40:44 …everybody wants to turn city around….  ok here comes reel 2… Miro took the early lead and it’s  been boring ever since, so I’d have to say he’s still ahead…

00:01 …BFP… next boring question… best run departments?  TA- Police and Fire… Which dept needs most help? TA- DPW… causing homeowners permit trouble… (DPW?)… Miro: Ditto on Police and Fire… Which dept needs help? CEDO… development… jobs… (point Miro)… CEDO as a tool to ‘enhance’ our schools… (bonus point) …

6:01: Do I need to keep watching?  These questions suck so much… BFP- The crime thing or whatever, Miro- how are you going to “stay on top of that?”

MW- New team.  Finance background.. balance… diversity… “I’ll be in the weeds as mayor…”

10:52 BFP- Pretending to be smart- pressing Miro on airport…Miro bogged down a little trying to explain commission’s advisory role…  (point Ashe by default)… BFP: “As mayors….”  TA- oh the garage is to you as bt is to me… equal equal… BOF didn’t vote on cash pool draw…

14:00 BFP-city missed big stuff- how to stay on top of it?  TA “…I’ve had a lot of balls.. juggling in the air for the last ten or so years…  I’m in the game on almost anything of significance…”   MW- “Multi-million dollar capital expendatures…department head fiefdoms…”

18:00 …Boring…. boring… depth of knowledge not as great as I’d like…

21:00 (I’m fast forwarding a little) BFP- What about the Secret Policeman’s Democratic Exectutive Committee’s Caucus Setting Ball?  Why weren’t we invited? Boo Hoo.  Not transparant… Boo Hoo…

Miro making the mistake of trying to answer this question… Now Tim’s turn: ‘Legally Dems private…”

Ok so the guy asking the terrible, terrible questions is Aki Soga.  Sorry Aki.  These questions are about really petty and inconsequential things…

30:00 Miro!  You talk too much!  Stop Talking!  (Point Tim)

Last question (praise Jesus) blah blah- not an Aki question, but still sucks- something about department heads… Lame, lame, lame…

36:00 almost done… God… Miro asks Tim: Do you like movies about Gladiators?  I have more endorsements… TA- I’m not comfort food for party purists…

Tim Ashe: “Nothing about this race is personal.”

…And we’re done.  Thank God.  I’m glad I’m done watching it.  I’m glad I’m done blogging it.  Miro won the debate.  Goodnight.

December 1, 2011   3 Comments