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Audit Task Force Report

If you liked the Cross Report,  the October 12, 2010 Burlington Audit Task Force, Final Report might also interest you.  Thank you Lea Terhune for sending the link.

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1 Kevin McGrath { 01.05.12 at 9:03 pm }

The real problem that will never be addressed on federal, state and local levels is governmental convolution, it is the root cause of our political dysfunction at all levels of government. Convoluted government is corrupted government. It is purposely meant to be that way, it is easy way for the special interest to control democracy at all levels of government. The average citizen can’t or doesn’t have the time navigate the governmental Rube Goldberg Machine. The only answer is for the citizens to elect competent ethical people who will make the necessary changes. They need wholesale change at Burlington City Hall, not just a new audit system and a new mayor. Personally, I think that day will come as financially reality starts to set in, but by then the damage will be done and will take many years to recover. An audit is only as good as the people performing it, what we need is ethical competent transparent people in government. People who do the right thing. The right thing for the next Mayor of Burlington is to eliminate governmental convolution and clean out incompetent unethical employees. The Audit Task Force will change nothing; their true mission is to justify and lend legitimacy to the status quo. It the illusion of doing something, the same as what you see on the federal level. The local power brokers acting as if they are working in the interest of the common person.