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Posts from — February 2012

Interview With Miro Weinberger

My apologies to Wanda and Kurt, I was only able to schedule, conduct, and and transcribe an interview with one of the candidates this cycle, and it happened to be Miro. That does not necessarily mean I prefer Miro over the other candidates for mayor. It just ‘is what it is’ in terms of what I was HGH able to get done. For some reason I just haven’t seemed to have had the time to put into covering the mayoral race that I did three years ago. Oh wait… three years ago I wasn’t on the school board.  That’s probably part of the reason.

Click here to read my January 22 interview with Miro Weinberger.

February 29, 2012   3 Comments

Me and Jill Evans on Channel 17

This aired on 02/06/2012. Watching it now it seems like I talked too much and that Jill was very patient with me.

Breaking news: I have decided to cast my personal vote for the school budget. I don’t want to tell other people to vote for it, because I think they should make their own minds up. There will be a few people already at their financial edge for whom a tax increase will make the tyranny of the majority real.  That’s part of the agony of democracy and it betrays the fallacy of the property tax system. I wish the board and the administration had prepared a leaner budget, but if the voters say no to we will have to immediately notify up to 25 teachers that they might lose their jobs- all the cards will be thrown up in the air, and who knows what important things might get slashed in a panic as we draw up a second attempt? There really isn’t much of a plan b, sadly. Plus both Miro and Kurt have come against the school budget, and for some reason that pushes more toward supporting  it.

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Bailey’s Music Rooms 1902

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Presidential Last Names

Of the 43 men who have served as president, 36 had names that ended with a consonant. 21 had last names that end in what I would consider hard consonants (N, T and K). 16 had last names that end in “n.” 4 had last names that end in “e.” 2 with “y.” 1 whose name ends with “a.”  

America didn’t even venture into “y” territory until the tail-end of the nineteenth century. 

“Y” isn’t a pure vowel, and in none of the cases is “e” phonetically distinguishable.  This makes the last name ending in “a” rare and special among presidential last names.  It’s an open sound that can go on and on: “aaaaaaaaah,” whereas with a name like Reagan, Washington, or Polk, you know darn well the name is said and done-with because it’s punctuated with that hard consonant sound you can only get by closing up part of your airway.

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Kurt’s Website

Click Image to go to Kurt Wright’s campaign website.

February 20, 2012   4 Comments

I love my father!

You may have noticed how little I’ve been blogging lately. Very little. I’m simply hitting my saturation point with the number of things I can do in a day. I may have even conducted an in-depth interview with one of the mayoral candidates weeks ago, and have only transcribed a third of it. Tuesday the school board stayed in executive session late into the night, talking in circles about important decisions we had no business making at that hour. The morning is wiser than the night. When the clock hit 11pm I decided I had to go home and go to bed. Another school board member wrote to me the next day to attack me as having “failed in my fiduciary responsibilty” by leaving early. That is crap. Few school commissioners a have better attendance record than me and over a two-year term, almost nobody can stay to the end of every single meeting.  So sue me for being human and having to get up for work the next day.  I mean really!

Anyway… I have to run off to my demanding, high-stress day… I just want to send a shout out about my dad. I can’t say to my dad, because he doesn’t read blogs. I just want to say it to the world, that my dad is a great man with an incredible life story that has continued for well over 100 years. I hope he has a great day!

February 16, 2012   5 Comments

Miro’s Website

Click the image to visit Miro Weinberger’s campaign website.

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Happy Birthday Kurt!

With just minutes to go before midnight, Poopsie mentions to me that it’s Kurt Wright’s birthday today.  Happy birthday Kurt!  I thought it might be inside info she got from her days working with Kurt at Kerry’s, but she said she got it off the facebook.  Whatever.  At 39, Kurt would be the same age Bernie was when he was elected mayor.  But I have no idea how old Kurt is.

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150,000 Visits

Looks like my 150,000th visitor came in from GMD, but is otherwise unknown. Thanks to Rob from channel 17 for having me and Jill Evans on tonight on the “unopposed school commissioner hour.” Greg Guma kinda mushes some of the mayoral sheppards pie around his plate here.

February 6, 2012   5 Comments

Wanda’s Website

Click Image to go to The Wanda Hines for Mayor website

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