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Posts from — August 2012

More from George Cross on F-35

Thanks for forwading the information George.

Personally and as a school board rep, I think it would probably be better to have the F35 at BTV than not, for economic and security reasons- but then again I haven’t heard them. If they are ridiculously much louder than the F16 then my mind could be changed. I like George’s idea of a trial run so people can hear it before deciding.

Brochure and Public Forum Message sponsered by the “Stop the F-35 Coalition” below the row of stars to follow…


Click here for informational PDF brochure about the F35

Public Forum: ” F-35s in Burlington?”

Wednesday, August 8 6:00 PM Burlington City Hall Auditorium

Decreased property values?
Destruction of affordable housing?
New level of air & noise pollution?
Militarization of the region?

Speakers: Jared Carter Esq., Vermont Community Law Center, Teacher * Maggie Frye, Esq. Lawline of Vermont * Suzi Wizowaty, State Representative * Nora Kell, Realtor * Michael Mahoney, Real Estate Appraiser

Moderator:  Sandy Baird Esq., Teacher, Lawyer, Activist

Sponsored by the Institute for Civic Engagement, Burlington College
For information call Sandy Baird at 862-9616

Message sponsored by the
Stop the F-35 Coalition

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Quote Me TJ vs. Sorrell Live

11:17am- Kristen Kristin Carlson and Cheryl Hanna grilling TJ Donovan and Bill Sorrell…

on prostests, police actions, etc…

BS- make grand jury invesigation facts open…
TD- Federal law presumes investigations open…

Oh… and it’s over…good show…

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