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Minecraft Conversation

HB: Tell me about the game Minecraft.

TB: Minecraft is a game that you can build anything you want if you have the items.

HB: What kind of items?

TB: Wooden planks, cobblestone, iron, diamonds and gold.

EB: And you can make a gun.

TB: That’s like mods.

HB: What’s a mod?

TB: It’s a download that you can do and you can make a gun mod…

HB: What does a mod do?

TB: It changes your minecraft into something cooler.

HB: Like what? Does it change the way it looks?

TB: That’s a texture pack that changes the way it looks.

EB: We have cottery craft texture pack.

TB: And there are enemies of the night.

HB: Like what kind of enemies?

TB: There’s creepers, skeletons, zombies, spiders and undermen…. And there are “Nuther” ememies.

HB: What kind of “Nuther” ememies?

TB: Like zombie pigmen, ghasts, blazes and magma cubes.

HB: What’s the “Nuther?”

LL: You tell him TB I forget.

TB: The Nuther is a place like Hell with burning fires and lava.

HB: Are there devils?

TB: No… maybe the pigmen are. Now my friend Sean is going to tell you about the “Aether.”

SD: The Aether is a place where there’s an unbeatable boss, where not one person has beaten it. The only way is to use a diamond sword and deflect the ice circles and make sure they hit the fireboss.”

TB: (to SD) If you know so much about the fire boss, why don’t you just beat him?

SD: It’s a mod, Tiko, it’s a mod. And the mod costs money. That’s the bad part.

TB: When I’m ten I’m going to buy the Aether mod.

HB: Don’t you think that by the time you’re ten, two years from now, you’ll want something else instead?

TB: Yes I will, but I’ll still play Minecraft and buy the Aether mod.

SD: I want to play Poptropica now.

HB: No! This story is about Minecraft, not Poptropica!

SD: So what?!!

EB: Hello. Yes.

TB: Why’d you say ‘hello, yes?’

EB: Because it’s funny!

TB: No it’s not.

HB: Let’s get back to Minecraft. You have Minecraft for xbox now. Is it different than the computer version?

TB: Yes. You can get a tutorial and there are updates like the computer version. I have one of them and My tutorial deleted for no reason.

EB: Blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

TB: (continuing) and there’s a old tutorial that you can get if you have the update that I have.

HB:Tell me about building things like the giant Sponge Bob or your house.

TB: Oh. At LL’s house I helped him make a Sponge Bob.

HB: Right. And it was as tall as a skyscraper and you could go inside of him.

TB: EB, say “blah blah blah again.”

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