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Vote March 4, 2014

My thoughts on the Ward Seven ballot:

City council- Bianka LeGrand (D) vs. Tom Treat (R).  I know both of these candidates and I think either would do a fine job, but I’ll be voting for Tom.  Tom’s been my neighbor and friend for a decade.  I don’t always agree with him politically, but I know he shares my belief in civic fairness and fiduciary responsibility.  And let’s face it, it is healthier for a governing body to contain within it some competing ideas.  Tom will do a great job representing Ward Seven.  If you live in Ward Seven, please vote for Tom Treat for city council.

School Commissioner- Linda Deliduka vs. David Kirk.  I don’t know David Kirk, but I have known Linda just about my entire life.  My mother taught with Linda and they worked together as members of the Burlington Education Association (BEA).  It’s interesting that Linda’s on the other side of the table now.  I’m grateful to Linda for stepping up and running for the seat I had to resign from in 2012.  I have not watched a single school board meeting since I left the board, so I have no idea how Linda’s doing, but I support her for the sake of history.

1) School budget: Yes

2) Waterfront money: Yes

3) City tax: Yes

4) Buy the hydro plant: Yes

5) Ward boundaries: No.  Too convoluted.  All city councilors should represent roughly the same number people from the same kind of ward or district.

6) Confiscate “weapons?”: No.  What’s a “weapon?”  Anything can be used as one.

7) Ban firearms in bars?  No.  Unenforceable.  Solution seeking problem.

8) Lock guns in safes?  No.  Unenforceable.  Solution seeking problem.  And what if you need to get to your gun fast?



1 Eddie Garcia { 03.01.14 at 9:17 am }

Pleased to see your positions on 6-7-8. Hope you’re well, Haik.

2 Scott Chapman { 03.01.14 at 9:40 am }


Thank you for you post about ballot items 6,7&8. These itiems are not only not well thought out, poorly crafted and unenforcible.

They will also have the exact opposite effect that the proponents intend them to have. Forcing people to disarm themselves only makes of a large unprotected population of victims.

Here in Burlington we already have an astronomical drug problem. By effectively disarming the honest citizens we will see a sharp increase in personal assualt and robberies as well as home invasion type robberies.

We as humans tend to forget that we are part of the animal kingdom. All species of animals have predators among them. If you have ever watched a wild preditor documentary, you will notice that the dominant preditors of the earth never attack the strongest individual victims of their intended prey group. They always attack the young, the old, the infirm, the wounded….in short the unprotected. They then segregate that individual away from the group so the others cannot help save them. Human preditors do exactly the same thing.

All 3 of these measures disarm honest citizens and do not in any way effect criminals.

If passing a city ordinance is the way to stop crime. Why didnt the city council make draft city ordiances prohibiting drug dealing, murder, assault?

Oh thats right criminals do not pay attenton to laws. Laws only effect honest people.

You only get one chance to sign away your rights. Choose wisely.

3 Jeremy Ryan { 03.02.14 at 6:46 pm }

Hello Haik, glad to see you posting again! I realized recently that there a very few of us Burlington area independent bloggers left. I too just started up again after a long hiatus. Glad to see that you are voting down 5 through 8 too!