BurlingtonPol.com Disclaimer

Basically I can do whatever I want with this website.

I can be fair or I can be slanted.

I can post your comment or not depending on how I feel.

I can report on whatever I want.

I can deride someone for remaining anonymous, immediately after posting an anonymous comment myself. I did that today.

I can contribute under fake identities.

I may post something and then change it, or delete part or all of it.

This blog can disappear at any time for any amount of time.

I can do whatever I want with links.

All comments are subject to change or deletion without notice, including yours.

I don't have to be consistant about anything.

I can change these rules anytime, retroactively and without notice.

Oh- and I donít even necessarily have to tell the truth, so you might want to check my facts from time to time.

Et cetera.

The viewing of any part of BurlingtonPol.com constitutes acceptance of these terms.

If you don't like it, change the channel. (See The First Amendment to the US Constitution.)

Haik Bedrosian