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The Sixth Annual VDB/GMD Political Barbeque and Hamburger Summit

Thank you Philip, and John (sorry I missed you), and wonderful to see everyone there today- Selene, Maggie, Ed, Jack, Kesha, Minor H, Bill, Seth, Charity and all other wonderful friends who make this event so special every year. I love this thing, not just for the beach and the free beer- but also because of all of you.

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Classic Blogger Picture

In today’s VDB post Philip laments having less time to blog since joining the Vermont Senate, and doing so somehow manages to publish this awesome picture again. If you recall, it’s a group photo from the first blogger barbecue in 2006.  My little girl wasn’t even born yet, and the only traditional media to show up that day was the publisher of The Vermont Guardian, Shay Totten.

Bloggers (standing, left to right) Steve & Eve Benen, Bill Simmon, Neil Jensen, Christian Avard, John Odum, Charity Tensel (kneeling, left to right) Haik Bedrosian with son Koko, and Philip Baruth

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Political BBQ 2010

Thanks again to Philip, Odum and everyone for making this year’s politcal barbacue and hamburger summit fantastic fun. Here’s a few pictures and a short film from the event.

Poopsie’s all into Shumlin now.

Philip getting animated.

Yana and Arnie Gunderson’s dog.

Ed Adrian, me and Philip. My five year old Koko took this picture.

Charity did the honors and took our family portrait this year.

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Poopsie for Shumlin II

Poopsie endoresed Peter Shumlin for Governor at the 2010 VDB/GMD Hamburger Summit at North Beach yesterday.

Peter Shumlin and Poopsie 07.17.10

July 18, 2010   2 Comments

Blogger Barbecue Today

At North Beach today from 1-5.  Has it been a year already?

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Political BBQ 2009

This was the fourth annual Political Barbacue and Hamburger Summit hosted by Vermont Daily Briefing and Green Mountain Daily. Unlike the first three years when the BBQ was at North Beach, this one was in Montpelier. My family and I love this yearly event. Here’s some photos from today with captions underneath.

The guy in the hat is Heretic, then clockwise it’s me, Philip Baruth, JD Ryan, John Odum, and Julie Waters in the blue tank top. Photo by Poopsie.

Here’s my kids and Arnie Gundersen playing with a dog. Photo by Poopsie.

Left to right it’s Yanna, me, Poopsie and Koko. Photo by Philip Baruth.

Here’s Heretic, me and Philip. Photo by Poopsie.

June 29, 2009   4 Comments

Political BBQ 2008

The family and I are just back from the 3rd annual Political Barbecue and Hamburger Summit hosted by Philip Baruth and John Odum. Thanks to our fabulous hosts, the thing was a rockin’ success once again.

The crowd size was similar to those of the last two years, even if its composition was a little different. We didn’t see Charity there, and of course Bill was out of town- but most of the pillars were in attendance- Steve Benen, Jack McCullough, Jay Vos, Julie Waters, JD Ryan, Christian Avard, Neil Jensen, Linda from the Northeast Kingdom, and many many more. There was the whole Brattleboro crew including Steve and Gorty from the radio.

As for politicians, we had Anthony Pollina who genuinely seemed to remember our one meeting 19 years ago in Bernie’s office. “You’re still around?” he asked me. Gaye Symmington was there, and Chris Pearson… Kesha Ram showed up toward the end… Mark Larson was hanging out. Neither Ed or TJ made it, but I guess we’ll forgive them. Selene wasn’t there either- but not because of a birthday party as I mistakenly said in a previous post, but because she had to attend an event in another part of the state with Peter Welch. I heard her dad was there, but I didn’t see him.

We brought a few of Poopsie’s unbelievable grape leaf lamb dolmas which got gobbled up quickly. And the lake was relatively clean too so Poopsie, Koko, Yanna and I splashed around for a while. Poopsie ate a brat. Koko ate a hot dog and I ate a bunless burger with ketchup. Poopsie wouldn’t let Philip toss the leftover watermelon, so I had to find a way to carry it home.

I love the blogger barbecue and have genuinely had a good time all three years. That’s weird for me because I generally hate social events like that- but among the pols and the bloggers, I actually feel like I belong. And that’s special.

Good times. Good times.

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Today’s Agenda

Click the Radiator Picture to Stream the Station live.
Call the show this morning: (802) 861-9666

Click the BBQ Ad for Details on the today’s event.
Ad by Neil Jensen and Don Shall.

(Don’t Click Stephen Colbert.)

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Second Annual Barbecue

Thank you very much to Philip Baruth, John Odum and the rest of the GMD posse for putting on the barbecue at North Beach yesterday. Yanna, Koko, Poopsie and I had great time!


Here is Vermont Daily Briefing’s barbecue report.

Here is iBrattleboro’s.

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Dean to attend BBQ (Maybe)

Wow. Looks like Odum got Howard Dean to agree to go to the Second Annual Blogger Barbecue at North Beach on July 15 (1-5pm). Well, sort of. It wasn’t a hard commitment, but at least Dean told somebody to write it down.

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