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Me and Jill Evans on Channel 17

This aired on 02/06/2012. Watching it now it seems like I talked too much and that Jill was very patient with me.

Breaking news: I have decided to cast my personal vote for the school budget. I don’t want to tell other people to vote for it, because I think they should make their own minds up. There will be a few people already at their financial edge for whom a tax increase will make the tyranny of the majority real.  That’s part of the agony of democracy and it betrays the fallacy of the property tax system. I wish the board and the administration had prepared a leaner budget, but if the voters say no to we will have to immediately notify up to 25 teachers that they might lose their jobs- all the cards will be thrown up in the air, and who knows what important things might get slashed in a panic as we draw up a second attempt? There really isn’t much of a plan b, sadly. Plus both Miro and Kurt have come against the school budget, and for some reason that pushes more toward supporting  it.

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Leopold: Ashe and Wright Knew

Here is the video of Jonathan Leopold telling Matty Tanner and “Mike Jones” that the Board of Finance was briefed in May of 2008 about Burlington Telecom’s inability to get financing and of its continued use of pooled city cash in violation of its certificate of public good.  May 2008 was about a year before the story broke and almost a year before the re-election of mayor Bob Kiss.  If Kurt Wright had wanted to, or had been smart enough to, he certainly could have used that information in the last election, and he probably would have won. You may recall that at the time the Board of Finance was made up of the following five people- Mayor Kiss, Chief Administrative officer Leopold and a city councilor from each party.  Democrat Andy Montroll, Republican Kurt Wright and Progressive Time Ashe.

Assuming Kurt Wright is the Republican nominee- he’s going to have to answer for this soon enough, but right now the Democratic party has a choice to make in about a week.  Are you telling me they’re going to be stupid enough to nominate Progressive Tim Ashe with that kind of baggage?  Jesus Christ!  I almost dare the Dems to do it because it would be so comically self-defeating.  First of all, he’s not even a Dem.  Duh.  Secondly he would lose!  Given the choice between Wright and Ashe, many moderate Dems and Indpendents like me would vote for Kurt.  People feel the city needs a change and a shake up.  Tim Ashe loudly proclaimed Kiss, Leopold and BT to be resounding success stories when he nominated Kiss for re-election.  He’s about as far from “change” and “shake-up” as it gets.

And Where’s Lloyd Benson when you need him?  This week the Vermont chapter president of the American Federation of Teachers called Ashe the best choice saying  “Tim Ashe is a young Bernie Sanders.”  That’s like saying The Phantom Menace is as good as the orignal Star Wars.  Ridiculous on its face.   Somebody’s got to say it…

“Senator, I served with Bernie Sanders. I knew Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Bernie Sanders.”

November 6, 2011   9 Comments

The Place To Be II

The NPA was a little disorganized, but it worked.  The open forum on Burlington Telecom broke out during the city councilors’ report, and it never stopped, so in essence it took the form of a Q & A with Vince Dober, Paul Decelles and Kurt Wright.  Bob Kiss took part from the audience, answering questions from there.  I spoke with him a bit before the meeting convened and he agreed to do another interview with me.  Sweet.   Hopefully we can set that up soon.

The place, as usual, was a virtual who’s who of hardcore local political types.  In attendance beside the folks I mentioned, Dale Tillotson, Lea Terhune, Karen Paul, Russ Ellis, Bernie O’rourke, Dave Harnett and Loyal Ploof.

I’ll come back to this…

December 21, 2010   4 Comments

BurlingtonPol TV Show 4

I’m at channel 17 right now waiting for Paul Decelles to show up. We’re obviously going to talk about that whole pay proposal for city managers thing. I’ll ask about his no vote on the budget too. Call in at 862-3966.

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BurlingtonPol TV Show 3

Oh God. Today is just a weird day. I was hoping to get Paul Decelles on my TV show this afternoon at 5:25pm on channel 17, but he can’t make it. A backup plan would have been good. I’ll have to come up with something.

If you watch, please call in at 862-3966 and talk live with me about anything you want.

June 16, 2009   2 Comments

BurlingtonPol TV Show 2

Tune in to channel 17 today at 5:25pm for the second regular installment of BurlingtonPol TV. Today my guest will be Ward 1 City Councilor Ed Adrian.

May 19, 2009   3 Comments

BurlingtonPol TV Show I

The first regular monthly installment of BurlingtonPol TV is today at 5:25pm on Channel 17. I’m seeking to engender low expectations with this first show, so I haven’t prepared any talking points yet.

I’ll be relying heavily on callers to fill the time, so dial 862-3966 to speak with me live on the show.

Of course, I have to talk about something between calls- so I’ll be using this post as a scratchpad for brainstorming ideas and links throughout the day. The theme is local politics and current events. Help me out…

Adam Cate fired again- (Read Press Article)-Some Background
City cracks down on graffiti and the Streets seem to be getting swept a lot-
The fight for the city council presidency
Cats vs. Birds in new north end
What’s the deal with frisbee golf?
Paul Decelles and Clarance Davis on Board of Finance-
One arrested in mass pillow fight on Church Street

What else?

-Charity mentions Maurice Mahoney has a piece on IRV in the Freeps. People love talking about IRV. That’s a good one.
-Jay Vos spells program “programme” like Benny Hill. Love it.

April 21, 2009   10 Comments

BurlingtonPol TV

Because of the special city council meeting last night, the Burlington GOP had to pull out of their regular 5:25pm show at Channel 17, So they asked me to fill in and host the show. It was a lot of fun. You can watch the show with a QuickTime Player here.

I might try to do it again sometime. I love the “talk-radio” style format of talking about news and politics and taking live calls on the air. Which reminds me- My radio show on 105.9 fm Burlington is tomorrow from 11am-12pm. I’m not sure if they got the streaming back up, but tune in on a real radio if you’re in town. And if you have money, please consider underwriting the station.

March 13, 2009   1 Comment