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Filling the Seat

My four year daugter “Yana” took on Mark Larson in an exciting and educational game of fine people and any of them would do a good job.  I know and like all three of them, so it would be hard for me to pick.  Luckily that’s not my job.  What’s clear is the math for this race is easy.  The deciding tally will be one to zero to zero, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with a non-scientific poll right now.

We will run the poll on the honor system.  I don’t care how many times you vote in it, but please only do so if you reside in Chittenden 3-2, ok?  Let’s go…

Left to Right: Berezniak, George and O’Sullivan

Whom would you choose to represent the Chittenden 3-2 District in the Vermont Legislature?
David Berezniak, current Ward 2 City Councilor
Carmen George, former Ward 7 City Councilor
Jean O’Sullivan, former Ward 7 City Councilor
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October 14, 2011   1 Comment