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The Sixth Annual VDB/GMD Political Barbeque and Hamburger Summit

Thank you Philip, and John (sorry I missed you), and wonderful to see everyone there today- Selene, Maggie, Ed, Jack, Kesha, Minor H, Bill, Seth, Charity and all other wonderful friends who make this event so special every year. I love this thing, not just for the beach and the free beer- but also because of all of you.

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Hey! Look over there!

January 31, 2011   1 Comment

Thanks to well-wishers

Thank you Charity, Jay, Pam, Jonas and ‘my lungs.’ for the get well wishes. I’m working on it…

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Last Week’s Baruth Tweet-Up

I haven’t forgotten my responsibility to blog about AWOL II (After Work/Off-Line) a Baruth for State Senate campain event that happened last Tuesday, August 10th from 4-6 pm at August First Bakery in Burlington.

When I arrived Philip was talking to Ed Adrian who was just leaving to get to a Markowitz for governor campaign event.  Ed tried to get me to come along.  “C’mon,” he said “you’re officially undecided aren’t you?”

“I don’t know…Poopsie’s pretty into Shumlin.  We might be a Shumlin household…”

This was the first time I’ve ever been to August First.  I first went to August First in August.  Great ambiance.  Great setting.  Sitting there I felt like I could as easily be in San Francisco.

I hung out with Charity Tensel for a while.  She helped organize the event.  As Charity and I talked, I kept an ear to Philip’s informal round-table with four or five interested attendees.

Lauren Ober was there buying coffee or pie or something, and Charity was all excited to meet her.  “I love your writing!” Charity told Lauren Ober adoringly.

“And I also, have read some of your writing,” said I.  Ober said something neutral, and hustled out with the aura of a rugby player with a minor wound.  Thinking about Lauren Ober always gives me pause.  She has a career and I don’t.   How can that be?

Um… that was it.  I got back to my car just before it started pouring rain.

August 17, 2010   1 Comment

Political BBQ 2010

Thanks again to Philip, Odum and everyone for making this year’s politcal barbacue and hamburger summit fantastic fun. Here’s a few pictures and a short film from the event.

Poopsie’s all into Shumlin now.

Philip getting animated.

Yana and Arnie Gunderson’s dog.

Ed Adrian, me and Philip. My five year old Koko took this picture.

Charity did the honors and took our family portrait this year.

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Donovan In Zuckerman Out

TJ Donovan is running again for State’s Attorney and David Zuckerman is bowing out of the race for the Vermont House.  Go TJ.  Thank you for your service David.


The New Moon Cafe event tonight for Philip Baruth’s Vermont senate campaign was nice.  Nice to see Philip and Charity and Steve Benen.  Steve won’t give me Rachel Maddow’s phone number.

Philip seemed a little disappointed that we aren’t seated next to each other on the School Board so I promised to text him the comments I would have made to him under my breath if we had been.  I was probably kidding.

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Christmas at Henry’s

For whatever reason, I was wandering around downtown, broke, hungry and looking unkempt on Christmas morning this year. I noticed that Henry’s happened to be open. One of the staff was outside smoking and he told me they were open on Christmas morning offering free breakfast to anybody. He told me to go inside and I resisted, saying I really do have a home and a family to go to- that I was really just out there walking around- you know- for whatever reason. The guy was so nice. “It’s ok,” he said “We’re open for everyone no matter what.” He seemed very sincere and convinced me it would be ok even if I just wanted a cup of coffee. So I went in and took a seat at the bar. The waitress gave me coffee and asked if I wanted breakfast. What the hell, I figured. Sure.

The place was populated mostly by men of limited means, by all appearances. The guy I sat next to at the bar told me a little about himself. Basically he was a career dishwasher. 62 years old. He said he works at a restaurant on Williston Road. He has no car so he has to bus or walk to work. He talked about how hard he worked. How many hours he had to work at a low wage just to survive, and about some of the horrible conditions he had experienced at different resturants in and around Burlington over many years. He made constant reference to what life is like “when you’re alone.” He said that he had been given a free Christmas turkey by a charity, but that it was too big for him to eat, being alone and all, so he turned it over to the food shelf. He talked about the very high turnover rate in his profession, and of all the young people he’s seen hired that quit almost immediately, or who would call in sick on a busy weekend when it was obvious they were just calling in so they could go out to the bars and get drunk. He talked of why parents work double shifts to support their kids, and of how one could never just quit, being alone and having nothing or nobody to fall back on. He had a real work ethic and took pride in his work. “Dishwasher is the backbone of the restaurant,” he said “if we don’t work- nobody works, and the wait staff, chefs and managers all know it.” he said with some satisfaction. Oddly, he said his one hobby was watching women’s basketball. “They work together as a team better than the men.” he said. And he talked about that for a while.

The man left an impression on me. Here was a fundamentally decent, honest, hardworking- true native Vermonter, I might add, whose life, as far as I could tell, just totally sucked. He said he wanted to work until he died, because at this point in his life the labor was the only thing keeping him alive. He said he had seen others at his age and in similar situations die quickly after they stopped working.

Yep. There was a lady working there I could just sense was the owner. I introduced my self to her, and she said her name was Naiomi. She was one of the ‘new’ owners who had taken over Henry’s since Roberta Goldstein passed on. She said they do this free breakfast every year. I thanked her and told her I would write about it. I left a five dollar donation for Camp Takumta and went home.

*BurlingtonPol Trivia- I myself have washed dishes in a number of resturants around town, including at Henry’s itself in the summer of 1991. Yep.

January 31, 2010   8 Comments

Baruth does that thing with the S

A while back Charity Tensel and I got into a discussion about how to show possession when the noun doing the possessing already ends in s. Should one write ‘Bernie Sanders’ time as mayor’ or ‘Bernie Sanders’s time as mayor?’ It turns out that both ways can work, but I always like to add another s, because I’m a super litereal thinker who clings to procedural consistancy to maintain some semblence of sanity in this cockamamie world.

Anyway- it turns out our good friend, esteemed UVM English professor, blogger, school commissioner, Daysee award winner, Obama delegate, frequent visitor to Sweden and state senate candidate Philip Baruth also adds an s. From his post today on John Edwards :

“…But what does Edwards mean when he says that “time will tell” whether it was a good move to run for President in light of his semi-public infidelity?

That he may yet wind up winning the 2008 campaign? That history will one day realize that Elizabeth Edwards was not an admirable, long-suffering American icon but a figure of immense evil who deserved everything she got and more?

That Edwards’s love child may one day discover a cure for cancer, and dedicate a 2032 Nobel Prize to the courageous, free-loving father who made it all possible?” [Emphasis added.]

June 19, 2009   5 Comments

BurlingtonPol TV Show I

The first regular monthly installment of BurlingtonPol TV is today at 5:25pm on Channel 17. I’m seeking to engender low expectations with this first show, so I haven’t prepared any talking points yet.

I’ll be relying heavily on callers to fill the time, so dial 862-3966 to speak with me live on the show.

Of course, I have to talk about something between calls- so I’ll be using this post as a scratchpad for brainstorming ideas and links throughout the day. The theme is local politics and current events. Help me out…

Adam Cate fired again- (Read Press Article)-Some Background
City cracks down on graffiti and the Streets seem to be getting swept a lot-
The fight for the city council presidency
Cats vs. Birds in new north end
What’s the deal with frisbee golf?
Paul Decelles and Clarance Davis on Board of Finance-
One arrested in mass pillow fight on Church Street

What else?

-Charity mentions Maurice Mahoney has a piece on IRV in the Freeps. People love talking about IRV. That’s a good one.
-Jay Vos spells program “programme” like Benny Hill. Love it.

April 21, 2009   10 Comments

Third Mayoral Debate II

Third Mayoral Debate (not counting Charlie and Ernie) II

I showed up. James Simpson didn’t. Charity watched remotely and live blogged it really well.

…back to transcribing.

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