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Ed Adrian’s Resignation Letter

(August 30, 2012)

Dear President Shannon:

Please accept my resignation from the Burlington City Council to be effective September 30, 2012. I have greatly enjoyed my 5 1/2 years of service to the people of the City of Burlington, but now I need to close this chapter in my political career.

Rest assured, that although my service will be ending, I hope to continue to weigh-in on the topics of the day, both in spirit and virtually through #BTVCC on Twitter. We are living in exciting times and just beginning to understand how technology can make government more transparent and more participatory. I am glad that I was able to play a small part in midwifing this new era.

I do want to make sure that there will be someone from Ward 1 replacing me as soon as possible. I have reviewed Charter Section 128 and it is my understanding that there will be a special election for the vacant seat on Election Day (November 6th). What I am less clear about is the timeline from now until then. I would ask that the City Attorney’s Office (I am including Chief Assistant City Attorney Gene Bergman on this correspondence since I know Ken Schatz is out of the office) answer the following questions by the close of business tomorrow (8/31) so that I may pass the answers along to my constituents: 1) Will the election indeed be on November 6th? 2) What is the deadline for filing petitions with the City Clerk’s Office? 3) Will there be a separate and distinct physical ballot for this race (as opposed to being listed with all the other races and ballot items on for election). If the City Attorney’s Office feels that there is anything else that needs to be detailed as far as an election schedule and mechanics, that would also be appreciated.

Thank you all for a tremendous experience.

With warmest regards,

Ed Adrian
Ward 1 City Councilor

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When The Levee Breaks

So in my last post, I resigned from the school board.  For very personal and painful reasons I am living in ward 3 as part of trial separation from ward seven, and can’t hold the office anymore legally.  There are a number of other reasons.  My father, God bless him, is like 103 years old or something.  I’m sensing I need to clear the decks to be with him as much as I can.  My job, whatever it is, is mentally taxing and emotionally draining and now- separation.  And when I say separation from ward seven- that’s obviously a euphemism.  It’s hard for me to talk about my personal life but suffice it to say that in recent weeks events therein have overhelmed my ability to vigorously represent my constituency and so it would have been wrong of me not to resign even if I hadn’t left the ward.  There will be a special election this year in Ward 7 this year to fill at least one school board seat.  As there will be in ward 1 to fill the city council vacancy left by Ed Adrian’s departure September 30.  Miro was promoting Kevin P. Worden on Twitter tonight.  Oh…  that’s the other thing.  Maybe I can blog a little more too now that I’m off the school board.  I am sorry I didn’t cover the AG primary better.  I’ve just felt blown apart this month and I could barely write at all.  A lot has happened that I’ve missed.

September 6, 2012   3 Comments

Adrian Drops Bid for VT Senate

Ed Adrian announced he is dropping out of the Democratic primary race for state senate, citing family reasons, and saying he would decline nomination should he win one of six party slots on the ballot.

Politics are that much harder when you have kids to take care of, so I totally understand Ed’s decision.

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Adrian for Senate Kick-Off Breakfast

Email from Ed Adrian.  (Ed I took your phone number out of this but I’ll put it back if you want. )  “Adrian” is proof that while all Armenian names end in “ian,” not all names ending in “ian” are necessarily Armenian.  Yeah.  I know some Armenians go with “yan.”  It’ just a transliteration.  Get over it.

Go Ed!


Looking for ideas outside-the-box?  Join us for a kick-off event to match!

WHEN:  June 6, 2012 from 7:30AM-9:00AM

WHERE: August First Bakery, 149 South Champlain Street, Burlington, Vermont Please let us know that you will be attending through one of the following methods:
Facebook –
Act Blue –
Twitter –
Email –

If you can’t make it, but still want to help out, please consider going to to find out more about the campaign and consider making a small contribution to help us on our way.
Best, Ed

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Chittenden County State Senate Poll

For Chittenden County State Senator: Choose not more than 6 (six).
Ed Adrian (Democratic)
Timothy Ashe (Democratic/Progressive)
Philip Baruth (Democratic)
Sally Fox (Democratic)
Bob Kiss (Independent)
Virginia Lyons (Democratic)
Loyal Ploof (Independent)
Diane Snelling (Republican)
The Church Lady (Democratic)
Free polls from

(Not Scientific)

May 28, 2012   3 Comments

Ed Adrian’s Website

Click Image to go to website.

May 9, 2012   2 Comments

Obama in Burlington

Obama is coming to Burlington today.  By the time I’d learned about the visit, all of the affordable tickets were sold out.  I feel a little bad that my kids won’t go, but I don’t really care for myself.  I met Bill Clinton when he came.  How many presidents is somebody supposed to meet in a lifetime?  One’s probably good enough.  It is a little weird Obama won’t be meeting anyone for free.  Maybe that will turn out to be wrong.  I will vote for Barack Obama in the general election in November, unless Ron Paul somehow becomes the Republican nominee.

I hope Ed Adrian gets a good picture today.  Good luck Ed.

March 30, 2012   2 Comments

Ed Adrian Exploring VT Senate Bid

Breaking News:

I received a fundraising email from Ed Adrian two hours ago:

From: Ed Adrian 
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 10:28 PM
Subject: Exploratory Senate Run

“Dear Friends…
…I am exploring a run for Vermont Senate.  I wanted you to hear it from me first.  That path will be a very short one without your help.  Right now I am trying to raise enough money to begin the journey.  Please consider a small donation in the amount of $10, $25 or $50 to help me prepare.

You can use this link –

As always please do not hesitate to call 233-2131 if you have any questions or concerns.
Best, Ed

“Ready To Work Together With the Next Generation of Leaders””

March 21, 2012   1 Comment

Non-Citizen Voting Rights

City Council Dem Caucus Chair Ed Adrian forwarded me this memo written by attorney Dan Richardson of “eat more kale” fame.  He indicates the city would have an uphill battle to give voting rights to non-citizens.

Click Here to Read Memo

December 30, 2011   1 Comment

BurlingtonPol Jumps the Shark

I know there’s a lesson for me in the response to that last post, but I’m still unpacking it.  I was trying to express the listless, dissapointed feeling I had after spending all day Sunday at the caucus only to see my candidate lose and a stalemate between my least favorite candidates which might last another month.  Now I still have all the suspense with none of the hope.  I probably should have stuck to the original story-line, and title I was mulling for my caucus report:  “Cluster-Fuck Shit Show Crashes and Burns”but I thought that might offend people.  So clumsily I pointed to the non-eliminated candidates’ Harvard graduate degrees as evidence of privilege in an attempt to lament how even in Burlington, personal wealth correlates to electoral success.  My argument was poorly informed, emotion driven and rhetorically weak, but to read some of responses to it in the comments section, you’d think I was somewhere between George W. Bush and Pol Pot on the spectrum of disdain for education.  Let’s review some of the choice language thrown at me in the comments…

…pathetic …anti-intellectual …weak …elitism …’troll’ …reactionary …plain wrong …baiting …trivializing …pseudo-blue collar elitism …negative …inane …embarrassing …whining …contrived …squarely against anyone with an education …misguided …you jumped the shark.

I feel like I’m in Loren Ober territory.

To my credit, I did admit that I don’t really know how much money Ashe and Weinberger have in their personal bank accounts.  I’d like to know, but I don’t. 

For those who fault me for walking right past the ballot box and out the door with my 3rd round ballot… Well it was my choice.  I did not feel compelled to vote for either so I didn’t.  I really thought about it hard too… moving along in the long line of people up in the balcony toward the ballot box I had I good five minutes to agonize, but I could not escape the feeling of being left with a choice between the person trying steal the nomination and the one trying to buy it.  When I got up to the box the little voice in my head said “just leave.”  You gotta listen to the little voice.

So let’s move on, shall we?  The Shark has been jumped.  I’ve ruined my blog’s credibility and reputation, and I do not see a way to repair the damage.  There is now a gaping hole in the hull of the ship, which is taking on water and will soon be resting at the bottom of Lake Champlain right next to iBurlington and The Stech Blog. 

But while I’m still here, I do just want to point out one thing Ed Adrian and Steve Howard are not going to advertise.   Folks who checked in early at the caucus had their names marked off of computerized voter lists.  I registered this way.  At some point the computers failed and the volunteers began to check registering folks against paper voter lists instead.  If I had wanted to I could have gone back and picked up a second ballot when this happened, since there is no way my name was crossed off the paper list, simply by virtue of the fact it was crossed off the computer list.  That way I could have not voted in the 3rd round twice.

You see my point of course.  The committee now has the info to go back and see if any names were crossed off both lists- which would mean someone voted twice, but even if they discover that this happened, there is no possible recourse except to have a do-over, which they are anyway.

Still though they should probably just use paper voter lists from the start next time.

November 14, 2011   20 Comments