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Technology Policy

The school board’s tech guy came to my committee tonight to continue to seek direction on how to draft the school department’s technology policy for the day when the kids all have computers in school. 

Some of the questions discussed:  Do we make the kids insure the devices?  Do we give devices to all kids or just those who don’t have their own?  Do we take the computers away from HGH them for misuse?  How are they going to do their work if we take the devices away?  If they can do the work without the devices, what do we need the devices for?  Should Facebook really be part of the curriculum?  Do they take the devices home?  If the devices disappear, does the taxpayer eat it?  When should parents be asked to opt-in?  When should parents be asked to opt-out?

November 23, 2011   2 Comments

Kill Your Facebook

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March 13, 2011   2 Comments

Marc Estrin

Marc is my former next door neighbor and an important Burlington writer.  He makes my blog list.

The Good Doctor Guillotin
The Annotated Nose
The Lamentations of Julius Marantz
Golem Song
The Education of Arnold Hitler
Insect Dreams, the Half Life of Gregor Samsa
(now also in German, from Parthas Verlag, Berlin)

Rehearsing With Gods: Photographs and Essays on the Bread & Puppet Theater (with Ron Simon, photographer)



Facebook profile:

Facebook page: Novels and other Texts:

August 23, 2010   Comments Off

Ebb and Flow

I quit facebook, myspace and twitter, and I haven’t much felt like blogging lately either. Burlington politics goes on of course, and I should start covering city hall a little closer for you.

John Briggs’s coverage is ok, but his stories are clearly biased by his animosity toward the mayor. He’s got a city hall blog now too (Good idea, right?) but he’s biased. Shay Totten’s writing is better than Briggs’s but there’s not really as much of it, since Seven Days is a weekly and Shay covers all state politics, not just Burlington. Therefore the niche that gives BurlingtonPol its value continues to exist, but I’m still going to slack all I want, since this is a hobby and I have a real life to tend to. Maybe I’ll blog more in August.

Right now my thoughts are largely consumed by the important overseas mission I have to go on next month. I got one of those new fangled passports with a radio-chip in it, and the backpack song from Dora the Explorer keeps running through my mind. Man my little girl loves Dora.

In unrelated gossip, just for the hell of it- I heard Elijah Wood was back in Burlington with Gogol Bordello Sunday night. Rumor has it he was behind the bar at the OP serving drinks. Fun! Sorry I missed that party. Elijah- if you’re reading- why don’t you and Pamela just move here? It’s nice here and we like you.

Also for the hell of it Here’s Bernie Sanders’s YouTube Page. He’s fighting the fight for health care in America. Thank you Bernie. You’re doing a great job.

June 10, 2009   6 Comments

Post 821

Sometimes I don’t have a good title for a post, so I just go with what number it is.

Random Friday Stuff-

*Here’s An About-Face on Facebook by Patrick Laclair. The first post ends this way:

“And so it begins. I must give credit to the inspiration for this blog and this challenge to Haik Bedrosian, who recently completed his own two week Facebook challenge, documented on”

Good luck with your facebook challenge Patrick.

*Who was Lady Godiva?

*Thanks to Jess Wilson from CCTV for moderating the panel discussion I was a part of yesterday with Jim Dean from Democracy for America and Hilda Stevens from Granicus. Public speaking is fun. Here’s the brochure for the Alliance for Community Media Conference the panel was part of, and here are my notes that I spoke from. Here’s the video.

May 22, 2009   3 Comments

Facebook 2 Week Challenge Day 15

Well… I guess it’s over. It’s been over two weeks since I asked fb to delete my account. If they kept their word, my account should be deleted right now. So far they haven’t sent me any confirmation that’s happened. Should I try logging in to fb to see if my account is really deleted? I’m kind of nervous about doing that. What if they haven’t deleted my account and I once again get body-snatched into the black-hole vortex matrix zombie world? Stupid facebook.

Update- I tried logging in and couldn’t do it. Incorrect Login/PW, etc. I search the public facebook search and no results for me. Looks like I did it.

Although a google search revealed just how sticky facebook really is. I’m not there anymore, but this blog still is, which apparently means it’s here too.

I met the facebook 2 week challenge successfully. Do you think it’s too soon to open a new account?

May 20, 2009   3 Comments

Facebook 2 Week Challenge Day 14

Day 14 doesn’t tell you if I succeeded or not any more than day 2 does. The challenge won’t be met until day 14 is in the rear view mirror. That will be tomorrow. I hope facebook sends an email or something to acknowledge the event. I told you I’m paranoid that they aren’t going to delete my account.

I might add a couple of facebook hating links to this post later today. Maybe a picture. Or maybe not, we’ll see.

Facebook is so evil, it makes my head explode.

May 19, 2009   Comments Off

Facebook 2 Week Challenge Day 13

Facebook Challenge Getting Old

I’m done with facebook. I hope they honor their promise to delete my account after 14 days. I can envision trying to log in at some point next week just to see if they deleted me, and finding that they hadn’t and I was back on there just like before. Stupid facebook.

Anyway, I’m on twitter now, but I’m afraid I won’t have much to say on there. Maybe I’ll occasionally promote a post from this blog, but only if it’s really worthy.

I will not be “tweeting” this post. Not worthy. But thanks for reading it anyway.

May 18, 2009   3 Comments

What Facebook Is For

May 15, 2009   2 Comments

Facebook 2 Week Challenge Day 10

This is getting easier, not harder. I feel like I’m being de-toxified of that vile, time-wasting nonsense. Why do I want to worry about how everyone I’ve ever met is going to interpret every little thing I might say to someone on the facebook? And yes I know I could “fine tune” the privacy settings and all that, but why bother with it?

Seriously folks. Kill your facebook. Set yourselves free.

Facebook Exorcism

May 15, 2009   4 Comments