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Peg Boyle Single to Run for Open House Seat in Chittenden 3-4

Breaking News

From a press release I received a few moments ago….


For Immediate Release April 27, 2010

Peg Boyle Single to Run for Open House Seat in Chittenden 3-4

Burlington, VT – Peg Boyle Single has decided to run for the open house seat in Chittenden 3-4. Single has been involved in Burlington community issues in various ways and running for the open house seat is the next step in her public service. She is very proud to be serving as a Commissioner for Burlington’s Fletcher Free Library. She participated in the hiring process that resulted in Michael Schirling becoming the City of Burlington’s Police Chief. At the state-wide level, she served as the co-chairperson of the Evaluation Task Group of the Access to Early Care, Education and Prevention Sub-Committee of the Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Youth from 2003 to 2004. She has been involved in local issues important to the citizens of Chittenden District 3-4, issues related to development and parking and she has participated as a community member at the Development Review Board and brought a petition forward to the Public Service Board.

Single said: “I am running to bring the voice of my district to Montpelier. I know that the people of my district think that health insurance and costs need to be reformed, Vermont Yankee should not be renewed after 2012, and we should continue to support local farmers and farmers markets. I am aligned with the voters of District 3-4 on these issues, and many others.”

While Single was a Research Associate Professor at the University of Vermont, she served as a consultant to the Vermont Agency of Human Services and specifically supported Vermont’s IDEA Part C program, better known as the Family, Infant and Toddler Program. She has extensive experience conducting programs and research in the fields of mentoring and diversity and helped to develop a large-scale electronic mentoring program ( that supported women and minority students interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As a Research Associate Professor, she wrote or co-wrote grants that brought in over $550,000 to the University of Vermont and she hired and supervised staff. Through this situation, she understands what it like is to create jobs, hire people, and be responsible for funding her own and other peoples’ salaries. Single served as an internal auditor for a savings and loan during the savings and loan crisis in the 1980’s, after receiving her undergraduate degree in accounting.

In reference to her experience, Single says: “The next two years will be important years for Vermont. I bring a unique background in business, human services, and education and so I will be able to speak to the important issues we will be facing regarding the budget, creating jobs, and health care.”

Single is currently a writer and a writing coach. Her first book Demystifying Dissertation Writing: A Streamlined Process from Choice of Topic to Final Text, was published by Stylus Publishing. Single writes a regular advice column for Inside Higher Education ( titled “Demystifying the Dissertation.” In addition, she offers writing workshops to doctoral students and to faculty members. She has presented workshops at University of Virginia, George Mason University, the University of Vermont, University of São Paulo, Brazil and Stony Brook University, among others.

Single was an early supporter of Doug Racine for governor. “I want to be a member of the Vermont House of Representatives when Doug Racine is governor. He has the small business and legislative experience we need in the next governor. As governor, he will work with the legislature to provide affordable health care for all Vermonters.”

Single earned her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the George Washington University in 1985 and a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1996. She is married to Richard M. Single, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Vermont.

April 27, 2010   1 Comment

House Passes Health Care Bill

From the Yahoo News Blog Tonight:

10:47 PM ET: The House has passed health care reform by a vote of 219 to 212. They will now vote on the “fixes” they want to the Senate bill.

A couple more tweeks and the president will have something to sign.  I think despite its flaws, it’s probably good that this passed.  It’s going to help a lot of people.

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Mayor Speaks!

I feel like folks may be starting to catch on to this blog. For example look at this picture from the Wards 4-7 NPA blog

It feels like a vaguely familiar visual pun and juxtaposition.

So I attended the entire north end Neighborhood Planning Assembly meeting tonight at the Miiller Center.  Man that was the place to be.  Bob Kiss was the main attraction and he did very well in his speech, saying that he was going to try to go to one NPA per month for five months to get around to all of them in the city.

Loyal Ploof was selling “Proud Naysayer” buttons to chide the mayor about his election night comments about the new north end returning to a nay-sayer role, and the mayor did well to acknowledge the pins and other reactions to those remarks.  He discussed paving, which was good, sister cities and even threw a kind word my way for winning the Ward Seven School Board election.  He ended his speech to a very solid and sustained round of applause.  Bob knew we might be his toughest crowd out here in South Colchester, but that very genuine round of applause spoke to how regardless of politics, people really appreciate having the attention of their leaders.

Other highlights- Larry Solt is the father of Drummer Chris Solt from the legendary BHS rock group and Battle of the Bands winner Brass Tactics!

Kurt Wright spoke both as councilor-elect and as a state representatives.  He seemed almost giddy to report on when a committee he’s on will take up the city’s IRV charter change.

Our other state rep Mark Larson reported a little about Doug Racine’s senate health care proposal and said that in Vermont in the next three years, health care costs are expexted to rise by 100 percent.  I’m pretty sure that means it will double.  He said that would be an additional billion in health costs, so presumably that’s what the state is paying now.  My thought is that it’s the calender that’s driving those projected increases, in that’s it’s been sixty-five years now since 1945.

There’s a new sheriff in town on code enforcement and his name is former Burlington Police Officer Bill Ward.  He is taking names and writing tickets in that wild frontier land known as “Lakewood Estates.”

There was a lively discussion on a range of topics.  People are concerned about the state of our school buildings.  People are concerned about the city’s retirement fund.  People are concerned with vacant buildings.   And so on.

I get sworn in on the school board April 1, I believe.

March 16, 2010   3 Comments

Senate Passes Health Care Bill

I was lucky enough to watch the final vote on TV this morning. Bernie got there late to some applause from the Democratic senators. He voted “Yes” instead of “Aye.”

Moments earlier Harry Reid had accidentally voted no, and threw up his hands to uproarious laughter in the chamber while the clerk gave him a moment to change his vote.

Final vote: 60-39 with all Democrats, Sanders and Lieberman voting yes, all Republicans voting no except one. I’m having trouble finding out who it was that didn’t vote.

Despite having given Sanders the OK to kill the bill if he wished, and despite its flaws I’m happy the bill passed, and I would be disappointed the conference bill does not pass in both chambers too.

Sure it’s a huge giveaway to the health insurance companies, but it’s better than a huge giveaway to the war industry, which always happens. If we’re going to borrow obscene amounts from China, we might as well let the money pay for band aids instead of bullets for a change.

December 24, 2009   2 Comments

Dean and Sanders Uging Reconciliation

Senate Health Care Bill a Monstrosity- Must Be Killed
Time to get what we can in Reconciliation

Burlington Pols Dean from Ward 5, Sanders from Ward 4 in News Today


Expanded Health Care Coverage? Rumors Are Greatly Exaggerated, Unless Paying Fines Is Now ‘Health Care’ from Huffington Post today

Sanders would support reconciliation to break Republican filibuster on health bill from The Hill November 10.

Today’s Events…

Dean urges defeat of emerging health care bill -AP

Tom Coburn Demands 12-Hour Reading Of Single-Payer Amendment On Senate Floor -Huffington Post

*****Kill the Bill*******

You have to be kidding me. What we might be getting for a health care bill is a mandate to buy crappy private insurance and fines if we don’t?

The subsidies offered for those who can’t afford insurance would presumably have to be accepted and will come with all kinds of stings attached and hoops to jump through when someone does accept them.

This sucks. This will bankrupt and enslave everybody by turning us all into criminals and it will not produce better health outcomes. It’s offensive to both my libertarian and my liberal sensibilities.

Bernie alone can kill this bill. Go for it Bernie. Kill the bill. I say it’s ok.


12.17.09 Updated. Here’s Howard Dean’s Op-ed in Today’s Washington Post

Health-care bill wouldn’t bring real reform

December 17, 2009   2 Comments

Mulvaney-Stanak Resigning from Council

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak is resigning from the Burlington City Council because she is purchasing a house in Ward Three. Her statement is below the row of stars to follow.

This will leave Democrats holding a majority of the remaining 13 members and only two Progressives, both from Ward Three, until after our next council elections in March.

Dear Ward 2 neighbors,

I hope all of you had a good holiday last week. As the end of the year approaches, I want to share two important updates as your Ward 2 city councilor.

My first update, which I will elaborate on in a minute, is to regrettably inform you that I need to resign my city council seat as of mid December. I have purchased a home on Front St. which is located in Ward 3 and the moment I move I must resign my seat on the council under the city charter. I am excited to set down more permanent roots in the Old North End, but it is bittersweet given the location.

The city charter requires the council seat to remain open given that we are within three months of the next election (Town Meeting Day). At that time, my term will have one year remaining and will be open for a candidate to be elected to finish the term. My last day in the ward will be December 15.

Again, leaving my seat mid term is not an easy decision—representing Ward 2 has been a great honor and I have learned a tremendous amount about my neighbors from my door-to-door campaign and about city government over the last nine months. I now know how important it is to have strong councilors from the Old North End, who can voice the needs of our neighborhoods within city hall while listening to residents concerns about city affairs. My commitment to the Old North End has only grown from this experience. I have actively been working to encourage other Ward 2 residents to consider running for city council next year, so we can continue to have strong representation on the council.

My second update is to report on some issues moving forward within city government that impact the ONE and working people. These issues include:

#1 Movement with Our ONE Bike Path. Under the leadership of long time and newer local leaders in our neighborhood, we have substantial activity happening with reworking the entrance to the bike path that runs from Manhattan Dr/St Louis St along Rt 127. This effort shows the power of community input and dedication to unite a community vision with city resources to improve our neighborhood. A Community Development Block Grant is being submitted within the next few weeks and great things are on the horizon for this project.

#2 Working People’s Issues. Several resolutions have been advanced by Progressive Councilors from the ONE to support health care for all and real reform within Vermont, to reaffirm and strengthen the city’s livable wage ordinance for city workers and city contractors, and to make sure the Moran Project abides by responsible labor principles such as hiring local labor.

#3 Our Schools. Under the leadership of Edmunds parents and through pure persistence, the city finally applied and received a grant to redesign the crosswalks on Main St. in front of Edmunds. A short term solution is also underway after more parent leaders pushed the council to direct several city departments to coordinate a common sense approach to increased safety until the new plan can be implemented. Also, our two elementary schools were celebrated this fall as they began their new magnet school programs. While we have a lot to still do to address socio-economic divisions in the school, the magnet schools represent a lot of hard work by local parents and educators and a true commitment to our children.

#4 And finally important issues of pedestrian and traffic issues are beginning to be identified and addressed in various pockets of the ONE, most recently traffic calming options for Walnut St where a local child was injured by a passing car.

What these projects show me is the strength of the Old North End, the leadership of neighbors, and the helpfulness of having City Councilors who are strong advocates for our neighborhoods. I have worked hard to make my time on the council help to amplify the voices and existing leadership in our community while helping to get our issues on the table. It has been challenging at times to make progress on important local issues, but also rewarding to start to make headway on some issues I outlined as my priorities during my campaign last winter.

While I am excited to continue to live in the Old North End, I am leaving a great Ward with lots of character and charm in every small neighborhood. Please know I will continue to stay involved in city and local community issues. I am also more than happy to continue to help answer questions and concerns in an unofficial capacity about city or neighborhood issues until a replacement is elected in March. I regret needing to leave my seat, but I know Ward 2 has many dedicated community leaders who will continue to advance issues from our neighborhood on a grassroots level, regardless of who serves as the city councilor. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays and thank you.

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak
Ward 2, City Council

December 2, 2009   3 Comments

The Health Care Vote

The Tide of History

Any federal public option would presumably be recognized nationwide, which would be a tremendous advantage in a system where one state’s private or public policies might not be recognized in a different state. Without to mobility of Medicare, there would probably be fewer retirees in Florida.

Any viable, low-cost public option will of course destroy all but a few exclusive private insurers with astronomical rates covering things like elective rhinoplasty. But that’s fine. That’s optimal. The more people in the system the lower the percentage dedicated to administration.

Republicans know people will vote with their feet en masse for the public option. Many people would do so automatically having no other prospects of health coverage now. And they are right to say the government is an unfair competitor in the “health marketplace.” But that’s fine because “Health Care” is not a commodity like gold or sugar. There is no dollar value for a human life. It’s the private insurers who attempt to assign a dollar value when they deny coverage for “pre-existing conditions” and many other made-up reasons.

The number of Americans who desperately need the public option to pass (whether some of those dummies know it or not) is in the range of several scores million.

If I were a senate Republican I would be seriously considering the tide of history and my own legacy in it. To kill the public option is to literally kill any number of Americans who will die without it.

If we don’t control costs America will decline. There’s two ways to control costs. We could go with the public option, or start turning people away at gunpoint at emergency rooms.

Some things are not about money. It’s a moral responsibility to care for the sick. It’s very immature and self-defeating for public policy not to recognize that.

August 22, 2009   2 Comments

Barack Obama is Smarter Than You

“What went wrong with the president’s sales job on health care?”
“Obama sold us out on the public option!”
“Why is he praising Chuck Grassley?!”
“Why is single payer off the table?!”

Blah blah blah. Will you people relax? Obama knows what he’s doing.

You want him to denounce and reject? Fine.

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Katy Weber’s Prom Date

Katy Weber Abram was my date for the senior prom.

I just saw Lawrence O’Donnell sitting in on Hardball try to give Abram a hard time and get her to denounce Medicare as socialist. She did well not to bite, and he blew an opportunity to follow up on something she had just said which was incredible. That war is so common that it hadn’t occurred to her to feel political about it. She said it seemed we were always having conflicts.

Incredible. The treasure and blood spent on war making is so much the background noise of existential hum in our country, as to not elicit a blip from this woman. She’s obviously telling us the truth. War is normal. It’s health care that’s got her riled up.

But is it really? What do you think?

August 12, 2009   3 Comments

Ebb and Flow

I quit facebook, myspace and twitter, and I haven’t much felt like blogging lately either. Burlington politics goes on of course, and I should start covering city hall a little closer for you.

John Briggs’s coverage is ok, but his stories are clearly biased by his animosity toward the mayor. He’s got a city hall blog now too (Good idea, right?) but he’s biased. Shay Totten’s writing is better than Briggs’s but there’s not really as much of it, since Seven Days is a weekly and Shay covers all state politics, not just Burlington. Therefore the niche that gives BurlingtonPol its value continues to exist, but I’m still going to slack all I want, since this is a hobby and I have a real life to tend to. Maybe I’ll blog more in August.

Right now my thoughts are largely consumed by the important overseas mission I have to go on next month. I got one of those new fangled passports with a radio-chip in it, and the backpack song from Dora the Explorer keeps running through my mind. Man my little girl loves Dora.

In unrelated gossip, just for the hell of it- I heard Elijah Wood was back in Burlington with Gogol Bordello Sunday night. Rumor has it he was behind the bar at the OP serving drinks. Fun! Sorry I missed that party. Elijah- if you’re reading- why don’t you and Pamela just move here? It’s nice here and we like you.

Also for the hell of it Here’s Bernie Sanders’s YouTube Page. He’s fighting the fight for health care in America. Thank you Bernie. You’re doing a great job.

June 10, 2009   6 Comments