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Midnight Round-Up

*Jane Knodell has been named the UVM Provost.  That’s the #2 UVM administrator behind the president.  Congratulations to her.

*Jonathan Leopold is on the Board of Trustees  at Burlington College.  Did you know that?  Anybody know how Burlington College can afford the Diocese?  I just don’t see how that’s possible.  Didn’t Burlington College try to buy a much smaller property recently and fail for lack of financing?  Or was that just a rumor?

*Dave Harnett is running for city council from Ward Four.  Will he have an opponent?

*There’s a school board meeting tomorrow night when we will officially find out if Burlington plans on meeting “Challenges for Change.”  Oh the suspense!

*TJ Donovan is taking over the State’s BT investigation.

*Um…oh!  1000 years ago Abenaki Indians used to walk from Appletree Bay to the Intervale  across what is now North Avenue.

*And 3 years ago there was all this…

December 14, 2010   2 Comments

When I wasn’t Looking

It’s hard to keep up with other city events now that I’m on  the school board.  Good thing Mount Mansfield Television’s got my back.  The Channel 3 News at 11 tells me tonight…

*Burlington Telecom might just be turning itself around, kind-of, sort-of,  a little- in unspecified ways.

*The city is setting up a separate account for the airport in response to Moody’s recent downgrade of its credit rating.  “Its” meaning the airport’s credit rating, although Moody’s recently downgraded the city’s rating too because of Burlington Telecom’s failures.  (The downgrade is also costing the Burlington School District money in increased interest payments.)

*And from the “I didn’t see that coming” files:  Former Ward Four school commissioner Jane O’meara Sanders is selling Colodny’s and moving Burlington College a click north to the Catholic Diocese at 351 North Ave.   I wonder if she gets to keep the link from the chain of Saint Peter that Pope Pius IX gave to Bishop De Goesbriand.

May 25, 2010   2 Comments

About Me

I was born on January 18, 1973 at the Mary Fletcher on Colchester Avenue. That makes me 35 going on 36…

First a little about the family I was born into (anachronistically including my younger brother.)

My Dad (born 1899) is an Armenian who after being conscripted into the Soviet army, captured by Nazi Germans, surviving a concentration camp and spending two years of WWII as a slave laborer- came to Ellis Island on a boat in 1950. My father’s grandfather was the last in a 900 year line of priests that ended when the Bolsheviks came.

My Mom (born 1937) grew up on a farm in Sudbury, near Brandon in Rutland County, went to Castleton State College and had a long and successful career as a teacher, culminating in a 30 run- first at Wheeler, then at Barnes. My mom’s ancestry can be traced throughout Vermont and New England history, includes several of those who sailed to Plymouth on the Mayflower, then back to England all the way to William the Conqueror. Her blood is 15/16 English or Welsh and 1/16 Dutch.

My older brother (born 1963) -my father’s from his first American marriage (to a German woman,) whom my mother adopted at nine, has spent the last 20+ years climbing the ranks in the US Army.

My younger brother (born 1977) is a local rock star bass guitar player who has played with such acts as Concentric, Gordon Stone Band, Outer Bass Project and Rumble Doll. He also teaches bass. You may have seen him play.

Now about me- here’s some bullets. They are not in order and this is not a complete list.

*I’ve lived in Burlington my whole life, except for the last four months of 1991 when I lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and from June 1997 until November 1998, when I lived in Austin, Texas. Neil Cleary was in Austin the same time I was. We randomly ran into each other there twice. Once while we were both waiting in line at a post office. Once while we were both waiting in line for a urinal after the world-premier of a Jonathan Demi movie. While there, I was among a small minority of Texans eager to vote against Governor Bush’s re-election. Unfortunately his democratic opponent in that race, Gary Morrow, was too weak to get my vote either. I voted for a fringie instead.

*Once I took a flying lesson in a small plane. I actully took off myself by pulling back on the handles. The instructor had the same name as my younger brother, which is rare. I took that as a good omen.

*Poopsie, Koko and Yanna are the fake names I give my wife, son and daughter respectively when I blog about them.

*I dropped out of UVM and started Haik’s Secret Sandwiches in 1993. I had a cell phone, a cooler full of sandwich and “the fastest delivery in the world” as late as 3am. First alone, then with a partner, I worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week for about a year. It paid the rent and fed me, but I ate a whole lot of sandwiches. Ten years later in 2003, I finally got my BA from UVM.

*The day I graduated High School in 1991, my friend I flew to Europe and toured around for a month. That was awesome. We visited Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris, Chipped at what was left of the Berlin wall until a cop caught us, and took a 36 hour train ride from Athens to Budapest. That’s from A to B.

*I have shaken hands with Bill Clinton three times- Twice on the same day when he campaigned at Perkin’s Pier in 1992 and once at Burlington International Airport when he came here for the National Governors Conference in 1995.

*Early in 2001 I accidently set myself on fire. My brother had just dropped me off and I wasn’t feeling well. It was freezing outside. When I got in the door of my apartment on Loomis Street, I cranked up the heat, put the kettle on the gas stove and started running a hot bath in the tub. I started to warm my hands by the heater which was about a foot from the stove. After a couple of seconds I felt things were getting a little too hot and suddenly realized the back of my shirt had caught fire from the gas stove behind me. Like an idiot I tried to reach behind me and beat out the flame with my hand. My hand caught on fire too. Within a few seconds, my entire back was engulfed in flames. I tried to roll against the wall (small kitchen-not enough room to “stop, drop & roll”) and that didn’t work. I was alone in my apartment. Nobody was going to help me. My mind raced. “If I don’t solve this problem right now I’m gonna die.” I thought. There was only one answer. I threw myself back-first and fully dressed into the scalding hot bath water I was drawing. Thank God I was. With the fire out, I pulled myself out of the tub. Then the pain hit. Worst I’ve ever felt. I made sure no fire lingered and lumbered to the phone. I called my brother who had just dropped me off not ten minutes ago. “Uh…can you come back to my place please?” I spent two days in the hospital with second and third degree burns over most of my back. Some resident kept trying to muscle me into getting a skin graft, but I was like “Forget it!” I had to go over this guy’s head to the chief burn doctor just to get out of the hospital. I had to wear a huge maxi-pad over my back for about a month, but within a year I was totally healed.

*I have run for office three times. When I was 18 I ran for mayor against Peter Clavelle and came in second in a field of four with 11% or 865 votes. Jane Sanders was essentially my campaign manager that year. She taught me how to run a political campaign and I still remember a lot of it. In 1995 I ran for city council from ward three as the Progressive Coalition nominee and won against a democratic former councilor who had lost his seat because his house was redistricted out of his ward. I was the youngest person elected to the council in Burlington’s modern history. There may have been someone younger way back in the “City Fathers” days. In 2001 I again ran for mayor against Peter Clavelle. This time I came in third in a field for four with 1% or about 87 votes. I haven’t been a member of a party since 1997. I’m an Independent.

*When I left the city council in 1997, I spent two months in India and Nepal. While in India I was fortunate enough to shake hands with the Dalai Lama in Dharmsala where the Tibetan Government in Exile is seated.

*Because I have a friend whose father lives there, I have hung out on Rockaway Beach in Queens a good number of times. Once I saw the Concord leaving JFK from that Beach. It was huge and loud in the sky and very surreal.

*When its towers were still standing, I went to the top of the World Trade Center twice. The first time I had walked all the way there from Washington Square Park. I love New York City.

*I have also been to The Coliseum in Rome, The Leaning Tower in Pisa, The Taj Mahal in Agra, The Ganges River at Varanasi, The Eiffel Tower in Paris, The Acropolis in Athens, The Grand Canyon in Arizona,the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Mount Rushmore in South Dakoda, Disney World in Orlando, The Capitol in Washington, Hollywood and Niagra Falls. Still, the number of places I’ve seen will always be dwarfed by the number of places I haven’t seen. I’ve never seen an Aztec or Egyptian Pyramid. I made my first trip to Armenia in 2009.

*I have taken two great American round-trip cross country road trips. The first was in a 1981 Honda accord that cost $600. The second was in 1980-something Subaru GL that cost $650. On the first trip I met an Italian guy and we drove together to Las Vegas, down to Ensenada, Mexico and through the Canadian Rockies. On the second trip I soaked in a hot spring in Idaho.

*I drove the night shift for Benway’s Taxi during the summer of 1995. I only had two pukers that whole time- one out the door, and another on himself but not the cab. I was lucky when it came to passengers vomiting. I took one woman to a safehouse where she was hiding from the ‘father of her children’ who had bound and stabbed. “He stuck me like a pig.” she told me. I drove one guy to the jail behind Denny’s, he was using a lighter to seal the plastic from a cigarette pack around a nug which he explained would be going up his ass. Ah.. the night shift.

*I used to read a lot more than I do now. I’ve read Vonnegut the most, followed by Dostoevsky and Hunter S. Thompson. Before I read books, I was largely raised by television. On Friday nights in my youth I would watch The Dukes of Hazzard in one room, and then when it ended, I’d go watch Dallas with my parents in a different room. I was fully into Dallas when I was seven and eight years old. Decades later when I lived in Austin, my older brother was stationed in Oklahoma. Once my parents visited him there and followed him to a Pentecostal religious convention in Dallas. I met them there and took my parents out to the Southfork Ranch set where the show Dallas was filmed. That was neat. Before I left Dallas I visited Dealy plaza and the Sixth Floor Depository Museum.

*Poopsie were engaged within three days of meeting in late 2003. We were married on July 31 of 2004. Less then two years after that she was pregnant with our second kid. Hey, why beat around the bush, right?

*I started this blog in January of 2006. I hope you enjoy reading it.

*My all-time favorite movie is Wall Street, but Poopsie and I love to watch The Big Lebowski a lot. It also think the film Network is highly prescient.

*I want to build a marble staircase from Batterry Park down to the waterfront. Tricked out with plateaus, benches, landscaping… what a place to watch the sunset. Instant tourist attraction.

November 30, 2006   1 Comment

Osier Wins Crackpot Mock Poll, Knodell Second

Thanks to all of the voters who made this fake poll a reality. Congratulations to all the fake candidates on a great race, and especially our fake mayor-elect Fred Osier.

Results (50 votes cast for mayoral preference):

Fred Osier 15 votes (30%)
Jane Knodell 10 Votes (20%)
TJ Donovan 7 votes (14%)
Michael Monte 4 votes (8%)
Clarence Davis 3 votes (6%)
Jane Sanders 2 votes (4%)
Owen Mulligan 2 votes (4%)
Amy Werbel 1 vote (2%)
Scot Schumski 1 vote (2%)
Roddy Cleary 1 vote (2%)
John Long 1 vote (2%)
Kevin Ryan 1 vote (2%)
Ellie Blais 1 vote (2%)
Kevin King 1 vote (2%)
Steve Goodkind 0 votes (0%)
Gary Davis 0 votes (0%)
Robin Lloyd 0 votes (0%)
Jeremy Ryan 0 votes (0%)
Alfred Snider 0 votes (0%)
Linda Deleduka 0 votes (0%)

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