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Mayor Weinberger

Here is Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger being sworn in and making his inaugural speech.  Video courtesy of Greg Guma.

Oh!  And just in from WCAX, Joan Shannon is the new City Council President.  Congratulations Joan!

April 3, 2012   2 Comments

The Gates of Demland

Word on the street is that Tim Ashe may storm the Democratic caucus with hundreds of Progs and take both the Democratic and Progressive nominations for mayor. The idea is that this super-fusion monster candidate would be able to crush Kurt 40 to 39 or something.

I have to wonder- Where have the Hinda Millers and the Paul Lafayettes all gone? Isn’t there a real Democrat to nominate? Joan Shannon? Could Joan kick Ashe in the caucus? She’s got some work to do to make up for the Valentines Day thing- but Dems had a lot of nice things to say about Joan when she beat Carina Driscoll way back when. Maybe?

Anyway. That’s not what the poll is about. The poll assmues Ashe storms the gates of Demland with hundred of Progs and bears the one ring.

Me personally in this scenario? I’d probably vote for Kurt because I just know him much better than I know Tim Ashe. Don’t let me bias your vote though. You only get one per browser. I gave you a none of the above choice because I promised Lea, but you really don’t get that choice on the real ballot. You get write-in. You can write-in “none of the above” if you want- but I don’t think it’s any secret that one of the above always wins.

Something tells me “none of the above” might win this poll however, because “none of the above” includes so many more people than either Ashe or Wright. I imagine folks will still be interested to see which of those two gets more votes, even though the poll is not scientific, and for entertainment only.

This is not Brewster’s Millions and I am not Nate Silver, ok people?

Here we go…

For Mayor (Choose One):
Time Ashe (Democratic-Progressive)
Kurt Wright (Republican)
None of the above.
Free polls from

February 10, 2011   4 Comments

Interview with the Mayor

Friday was the first time I’ve been in the mayor’s office in almost exactly 20 years. Twenty years ago around this time in January I went there to tell Peter Clavelle I was running against him in his first bid for re-election. He suggested I run for the school board instead. I probably should have listened to him. All well.

I’ve finished transcribing my interview with mayor Kiss. My thanks to him for for taking the time to speak with me on the record, and my thanks to you for reading Visit often!

Click here to read 01.14.11 Interview with mayor Bob Kiss.

January 17, 2011   19 Comments

Ward Five Democratic Caucus

6:10pm: I’m so sorry folks, but I cannot attend the Ward Five Democratic caucus starting ten minutes ago at Champlain School.  I’m very tired tonight, and it would be too costly of my energy.  Hopefully someone will phone or email me the results for publication.   Look for an update later.

8:38pm: Thanks to Charity for relaying Shay’s Facebook report.  She knows I don’t have the facebook. 

According to Shay Totten on facebook, “Incumbent Joan Shannon defeats Carina Driscoll 94-59 in contested Ward 5 Democratic primary.”

59 is a pretty good number of votes to muster that quickly, but the short notice, the Prog baggage, the popular incumbent and her absence at the caucus made winning tonight a real long shot for Carina.   The #GotJoan? contingent came out in force.

I’m not sorry I didn’t go.  Poopsie made some delicious meat balls and I read some Limony Snicket to the kids.

January 6, 2011   4 Comments

Driscoll Would Decline Progressive Nomination

On Jan 4, 2011, at 11:28 PM, Haik Bedrosian wrote:

Hi Carina,

Happy New Year. I hope you’re well. Shay is reporting you will be out of town Thursday and unable to attend the W5 caucus. Ususally if you want to win, it’s better to attend. Isn’t there a way to rearrange your plans so you can be there?

Also, you said you weren’t seeking the Progressive nomination, but if they nominated you anyway, would you accept it?

I hope you check out my blog sometimes. It’s pretty popular.


From: Carina Driscoll
Subject: Re: A couple of questions
To: “Haik Bedrosian”
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 8:56 AM

Hi Haik,

Happy New Year to you as well.

I am so disappointed to not be able to attend the caucus. I did not choose the date. I was hoping that the meeting would have been warned earlier so I could have made it. It is so hard to ask people to turn out on your behalf and then not be there to meet them. I have had long-standing flight arrangements to leave this afternoon with Blake and the kids to fly out west to spend time with my in-laws. It is just too costly to change the flights.

As far as accepting the Progressive endorsement, I would be honored and humbled, but would have to gratefully decline. There are many, many people who have been involved in the progressive movement over the last three decades for whom I have great admiration and respect. I will continue to be part of that movement as a Democrat. I have not changed my values and will always work for a progressive agenda to bring creative solutions that to move Burlington forward.

Take care,

January 5, 2011   Comments Off

Full Court Press

“Full Court Press,” I just learned, is a defensive play in basketball. 

Former City Dem Chair Mary Sullivan endorsed Carina Driscoll for city council in an email to Ward Five Democrats tonight.  She passes on a message from Carina in which she essentially renounces her Progressive faith and is born again, bathed in the Holy Light of the Democratic party!  Halleluyah!

I’m just joking around.  Don’t nobody get mad.  Carina Driscoll writes:

 “When I left my seat on the Council six years ago, I also left the Progressive Party.”

That sounds plausible  to me, because when I left that very same seat on the council fourteen years ago, I also also left the Progressive Party.

Joan Shannon recently told me her focus was winning re-election this March.  This means there’s going to be a fight at the caucus.  I don’t know who started the rumor that Carina wouldn’t personally attend it, but it’s a rumor.  The stand up thing for Carina to do, obviously, is attend.

I’m glad Carina is not pussyfooting about the party switch.  It saves local political bloggers like me time and energy.

I’m not going to bother reprinting Sullivan’s endorsement, but here is the statement from Driscoll (below the row of stars to follow) that came with it.  Enjoy!

****Oh wait- update- Shay has a post on this- he says “Ward 5 Democrats will meet at the Champlain Elementary School at 6 p.m. Thursday night.” he also says “Driscoll will be out of town that night and unable to attend the caucus” without explaining further.

Why I am Running For City Council
Carina Driscoll

Six years ago I resigned from City Council with the impending birth of my first child. Cole is now six, and my second child, Tess is two years old. In the last six years, I have been absent from Burlington politics, busy raising my kids and founding the Vermont Woodworking School with my husband, Blake. With Tess in pre-school, and Cole at Champlain and the business successfully founded, I have decided that it is time again to serve. If you are curious about my business, check us out online at

When I left the council six years ago, you couldn’t be on the council and not aware of the city’s pending financial problems. When it came time for the Mayor’s race, I voted in the democratic caucus and endorsed Hinda Miller, because I believed Burlington needed a Mayor with a business background and a strong personality. Despite Bob Kiss’ decision to enter the Mayor’s race, I upheld and confirmed my endorsement of the Democratic candidate. I have certainly not always agreed with Hinda’s voting record, but I believed she was up for the task at hand at that time. 

I believe I am the best Ward 5 City Council candidate today for the issues that we face going forward. Until we successfully move past the problems of Burlington Telecom which are plaguing the city, it truly has to be the only issue. I have not been party to the evolution of Burlington Telecom’s troubles. Unfortunately, there are many who are accountable and there will be a process that is occurring outside of the council that will address that. At this time, it is not clear what the council’s accountability is, but at the very least it is fair to say that the council has been asleep at the wheel and has failed on its oversight responsibilities. It is time for some fresh faces on the council. 

I believe at this time, the council has an opportunity to lead, but somehow with the current make-up of the council, it hasn’t been able to move past pulling stunts, finger-pointing and bitter partisanship. It is time that the council roll up its sleeves, come together at the table, and do what it takes first to protect tax-payer money, and if possible, re-invigorate this public utility to continue to offer high quality, fiber-optic telecom service that is so important to Burlington’s economic development. 

To be clear, I do not intend to seek the Progressive nomination for City Council, although I would welcome and appreciate the support from Progressives in Ward 5 on election day. When I left my seat on the Council six years ago, I also left the Progressive Party. For quite some time now, my priorities and perspective have been more in line with the progressive wing of the Democratic party. There are many wonderful developments that have been happening in the Democratic party both nationwide and right here in Vermont. I found, when reaching out to Democratic leaders here in Ward 5 that I was warmly welcomed and supported as a potential candidate. I am grateful for that support. I am absolutely a small ‘p,’ progressive Democrat. 

I am a fresh face with experience. In addition to running a successful business, and having served on the council in the past, I have also served on the Burlington School Board, and in the Vermont State Legislature. I would be proud to be an elected leader with Burlington’s democratic party and I welcome your support in my bid for Burlington City Council.

January 4, 2011   4 Comments

Driscoll Seeks Ward 5 Dem Nomination

Breaking News

Driscoll seeks to unseat Shannon; Blais to Run Again in Seven…

A reliable source has confirmed that Carina Driscoll, former state legislator and Progressive city councilor from Ward Three will be seeking to wrest the Democratic nomination for Ward Five city council from incumbent councilor, and possible mayoral candidate Joan Shannon.

There is speculation about whether Discoll is abandoning the Progressive party entirely, or whether she will seek to be a fusion candidate running under a duel Prog/Dem banner.  There is also speculation about whether she will actually attend the Democratic caucus, personally- or simply be nominated by someone else in absentia.

Developing Story…

Also- In other News, a source confirms Ellie Blais, former Ward Seven city councilor will seek to unseat incumbent Republican councilor Vince Dober in the March election. No word yet on her intended party label.

Developing Story…

January 3, 2011   3 Comments

Fair Game

Shay’s Fair Game from 12.15.10 and 12.08.10

Senator Tim Ashe on running for mayor:

“I am hoping to play a big role in my second term,” said Ashe. “I’d have to be a total jerk to be talking about another office or election. Particularly one that is so far away.”

Obama was talking about running for president two years before November 2008.   I don’t think that necessarily makes him a jerk at all, let alone a “total” jerk.  I’m curious to know which nomination Tim Ashe would seek.  Progressive or Democratic?  As far as I know there is no “fusion” primary.  Whatever.  New Poll.  One vote per computer per month this time.  Not scientific, but just to tend slightly more toward science, I’ll ask that only likely Burlington voters participate.  Thanks.  Now let’s get it on!  (Ding Ding)  

For Mayor (Choose One):
Kurt Wright
Joan Shannon
Ed Adrian
Karen Paul
Tim Ashe
David Hartnett
Haik Bedrosian
Bob Kiss
Hinda Miller
Andy Montroll
Free polls from

December 19, 2010   8 Comments

Joan Shannon May Run for Mayor in 2012

On Dec 6, 2010, at 10:54 PM, Haik Bedrosian wrote:
“Hi Joan, I heard you might be running for mayor. Inquiring minds want to know…”

On December 7, 2010, 8:56 AM, Joan Shannon wrote:
“Hi Haik, Where’d ya’ here that? There are some very nice people who have been encouraging me to run, but up to this point they don’t include my husband and daughter. At the moment my focus is on keeping my Council seat as I am up for re-election in March. I will say with certainty that we are in need of a new Mayor. Whether or not I am a candidate, I look forward to working very hard on a campaign to accomplish that goal. Joan”

December 7, 2010   Comments Off

Ed to Bob

A letter from Councilor Adrian to Mayor Kiss…

November 19, 2009

Dear Bob:

I would like to follow-up on Karen Paul’s letter of the other day and Joan Shannon’s letter of today. We have, over a period of time, been asking as individual Councilors for many of the documents that were requested of the Administration at the Council’s November 16, 2009 meeting. Some of these requests have been for weeks, some for months and in some instances years. The information contained in these documents will likely range from the mundane to the esoteric. Many of us will need help interpreting and understanding them to do our jobs. In addition, the audit and its off-shoots will require money.

Bob, my understanding is that the Administration will soon be requesting a budget amendment to rectify an “overpayment” of PILOT monies made to the City by BT. The overpayment amount is in the 100s of thousands of dollars. My understanding is that most of this payback will come from the DPW for this fiscal year. I am requesting that since you were able to come up with these monies out of the budget of another Department, that you look hard, and that on or before November 25, 2009, you find another $250,000.00 to be put into a special account, to be distributed by a majority of the Council in obtaining independent and expert review of the many working parts that BT contains.

Bob, without getting all of the documentation that we have requested and without having a third party expert interpret this information for us, I will simply not be able to vote to continue the enterprise of Burlington Telecom in its current construction. If this condition is not met, I will also do my very best to convince others to do the same.

Bob, at the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance for Burlington Telecom, Joe McNeil said that if after asking we were not getting the information that we needed as Councilors from the Administration to make decisions, then we needed to demand that information.

Based on that advice Bob, I am demanding that you provide us with the information requested and that you provide us with the moneys to obtain the resources necessary to make that information relevant.

The City and the people that populate it deserve no less from their elected officials.

Heading in to the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for the fact that although we vehemently disagree on how to proceed in this instance, I know that we are all trying to do what we think is best for the City. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. For now, I remain,

Very truly yours,
Ed Adrian

November 19, 2009   2 Comments