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Politics Vermont is Back

Lately our friend Rachel Maddow has been talking a lot about “AstroTurfing.” We had a blog made out of AstroTurf here in Vermont three year ago Called “Politics Vermont.”

Looks like that blog is up and running again, but open to invited guests only. Anybody know anything about this?

September 11, 2009   2 Comments

Facebook Nightmares

I’m back baby! I’m going to start attacking facebook on this blog for a while. Kinda like I went crazy on politics vermont. First let me google facebook sucks and see what I come up with. Well first of all google doesn’t automatically give you the phrase option before typing every one of the letters. That’s worrisome right there. This is not necessarily because I personally hate facebook, but because I think there’s a huge audience of facebook haters and a wealth of potential subject matter here. I have to come at this clinically. Gather evidence. Somebody at the OP tonight said there are actually facbook suicides. Wait, let me google that. Holy Shit! There are actually facebook suicides and people who leave suicide notes on their facebook pages! That is messesd up. I have to get to the bottom of this. First of all, let me go delete my own personal facebook account

OK I did it. Sorry 271 friends or whatever. And guess what? Now it’s given me 14 days to think it over. I’ll I have to do is breakdown once in the next 14 days and I’m back on there just like before. So it’s the facebook fourteen day challenge eh? There’s a reason for readers to check into this blog for the next two weeks right there. Last thing let me google the title of this post.

May 6, 2009   Comments Off

The Way We Were II

Click me when I’m twelve to see what this blog looked like on day two. Notice that I have a link to Politics Vermont, and that Kevin Curley’s link still works.

October 15, 2008   Comments Off

PolitickerVT owned by NY Tabloid

When someone tells you who they are… Believe them!

Kevin Kelly from Seven Days called me to see if I had any information on who runs “” I didn’t when he called, but I do now. It only took a little investigation to figure out it’s run by The New York Observer. Google is awesome.

Aside from noting that The Observer hosted the column on which Sex and the City was loosely based, Wikipedia says :

The New York Observer is a weekly newspaper first published in New York City on September 22, 1987, by Arthur L. Carter, a very successful former investment banker with publishing interests. The Observer focuses on the city’s culture, real estate, the media, politics and the entertainment and publishing industries. It covers the rich and powerful of New York with an unusual depth of coverage although has been criticized for its narrow focus on Manhattan and its liberal political perspective.[citation needed]

I thought that little politician character looked a lot like Rich Uncle Pennybags from Monopoly!

Anyway Carter had been running the paper at a loss of two million dollars per year, but he sold The Observer to this kid Jared Kushner a year and a half ago for just under ten million. Man, look at how young this guy is.

Hey Jared, thanks for the link! You looking to buy any other publications? BurlingtonPol is available for just over one million dollars.

January 7, 2008   2 Comments

Fake Blog Interviews Internet Guru

Wow. According to Cathy Resmer, Zypher Teachout actually granted an interview with Politics Vermont Blog.

I wonder if she now considers that a mistake.

In a related story, “Deep Throat’s” email address doesn’t work any more.

May 9, 2007   Comments Off

Politics Vermont Goes Back in Time

As of right now (Tuesday 8/15/06,11:55 pm eastern) the latest post at Politics VT is from May 5, 2006.


March 28, 2007   Comments Off

Anonymous Said II

This sort of thing is just gold. If I hanged my diplomas on a wall, I’d print this comment and hang it next to them…(PolVT)

Anonymous said…
I have never seen such rudeness come from a blogger like Mr. Haik Bedrosian of Burlington Pol.

In fact, I have never seen such mean spirited and “coo-coo” nature come from anyone before.

I hope that your leave from the internet is not by his doing. If so, you all should know better than to accept defeat at the hands of a strange and confused man such as him.

However, I have a feeling that you all just where tired of the thing.

Oh Well, I wish you well.

January 12, 2007

That’s gold, Jerry. Gold.

January 14, 2007   Comments Off

Fake Blog to Finally Disappear

Stupid fake Tarrant blog “Politics Vermont” is finally going to f*ck off and die “next Wednesday” according to a recent comment posted by The Hayes Group PR firm on the blog January 5.


The Capitol Bureau said…
Dear Vermonter,
We will be leaving next Wednesday. We wanted to make sure that we covered all the exciting stuff that has been going on in these first few weeks. Sorry for the confusion.MatthewCommunications Director
January 05, 2007

BurlingtonPol will be claiming credit for their destruction from now until the end of time. I was right about them, and no one will ever prove otherwise.

So long suckers. Victory is sweet.

January 6, 2007   Comments Off

Nominating Caucuses

This blog is about politics in Burlington, Vermont. On Town Meeting Day Burlington holds elections, just like in November. We don’t actually have a town meeting. Maybe we should. It would be like Athens.

I digress…

I have emails out to both my city councilors (W7- Republican and Democrat) and also to “info@” for more info. I’ll post it when I get it. If you have more, do tell…

Here’s all I got right now. Expect the same “Shempy” coverage from me as last year…or not even that really. It’s a way less interesting election, what with no open mayoral seat, and all. Plus Poopsie and I are having another baby in March, so there’s that.

Pretty much I can quit blogging entirely once PolVT goes off the air, and Town Meeting is Over. Ahhh! Whatevs. Here’s the dirt… oh… and the world’s shortest movie review: Rocky Balboa: Loved it! An exquisite portrayal of beauty in decay. Up there with I and II. I rank them like this: II, I, Balboa, V, IV, III… ok, the dirt…

Green Gathering this Sunday (On the Green Party Website (Link at Burlington Voter Power))
All Greens and supporters are invited to our upcoming meeting which is this Sunday, January 7th at 1:00 p.m. in the Burlington Fletcher Free Library in the community room. Local candidates for the Town Meeting Day election will be endorsed.

… Just In From Councilor Paul Decelles (R) W7…
Burlington Republicans to caucus on January 18 (my birthday) at Hunt Middle School to pick local candidates. Time uncertain…

…Just in From BurlingtonPol Owen Mulligan (Not a Dem, Just a good guy)….
Burlington Democrats to caucus on Sunday January 7 at the Elks Club at 4:30pm. Thanks for the tip Owen.

Anyone know about the Prog Caucus?

…Just in from Marrisa Caldwell for the Progressives…

Thursday, January 11th, 20075:30 pm – 7:30 pmin the H.O. Wheeler school cafeteriaMayor Bob Kiss, State Representatives David Zuckerman and Chris Pearson and others will speak.Dinner and childcare will be provided. All are welcome.For more information, please call Colin Robinson at 734-6265.


I’ll be going on the acclaimed TV Show “She’s Right” hosted by Charity Tensel to talk about local elections and blogging- January 19 at 5:45…er…5:25pm on Channel 17.

January 4, 2007   Comments Off

Tarrant Arrested!

No. Just kidding. Anybody see the VPT Senate Debate? You gotta love crazy fringies like Cris Ericson, Peter Moss, Craig Hill and Peter Diamondstone. They all went after Bernie for being too far right.

Tarrant proved he was developmentally arrested at least when he tried to make Bernie repudiate John Kerry’s botched joke about Bush being a dumb ass who got stuck in Iraq. Are you kidding me? Hey Tarrant. You’re an asshole. An Ass. Hole. Not only that, but you suck, Suck at politics. You Suck. Also Politics Vermont is Fake.

I’m voting for Bernie Sanders for Senate. Welch for House (so he can finally get over that close loss to Dick Snelling.) On Governor I lean toward Douglas. Gov. Lite: Marvin Malek. Auditor: Martha Abbott, State Senate- Hmmm- Maybe Dennis Delany. State Rep- I like Mark Larson. Oh and Charity Tensel for Justice of the Peace. She wants to be a government official and take your hard-earned money.


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November 6, 2006   Comments Off