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The Poll

There was a flurry of votes and this is where my mayoral poll appears to be leveling off.  The current results…

Pretty freakishly exactly what you’d expect, isn’t it?  It’s a poll of self-selected participants and not scientific, and this is a snapshot of now, but damn.  Those percentages.  They probably haunt Miro in his sleep.

January 10, 2012   Comments Off

Hines Running for Mayor

Andy Bromage is reporting at Blurt that Wanda Hines has confirmed she is running for mayor of Burlington as an Independent. 

Time for a poll:

Who is your choice for mayor?
Wanda Hines (Independent)
Miro Weinberger (Democratic)
Kurt Wright (Republican)
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January 5, 2012   2 Comments

The Gates of Demland

Word on the street is that Tim Ashe may storm the Democratic caucus with hundreds of Progs and take both the Democratic and Progressive nominations for mayor. The idea is that this super-fusion monster candidate would be able to crush Kurt 40 to 39 or something.

I have to wonder- Where have the Hinda Millers and the Paul Lafayettes all gone? Isn’t there a real Democrat to nominate? Joan Shannon? Could Joan kick Ashe in the caucus? She’s got some work to do to make up for the Valentines Day thing- but Dems had a lot of nice things to say about Joan when she beat Carina Driscoll way back when. Maybe?

Anyway. That’s not what the poll is about. The poll assmues Ashe storms the gates of Demland with hundred of Progs and bears the one ring.

Me personally in this scenario? I’d probably vote for Kurt because I just know him much better than I know Tim Ashe. Don’t let me bias your vote though. You only get one per browser. I gave you a none of the above choice because I promised Lea, but you really don’t get that choice on the real ballot. You get write-in. You can write-in “none of the above” if you want- but I don’t think it’s any secret that one of the above always wins.

Something tells me “none of the above” might win this poll however, because “none of the above” includes so many more people than either Ashe or Wright. I imagine folks will still be interested to see which of those two gets more votes, even though the poll is not scientific, and for entertainment only.

This is not Brewster’s Millions and I am not Nate Silver, ok people?

Here we go…

For Mayor (Choose One):
Time Ashe (Democratic-Progressive)
Kurt Wright (Republican)
None of the above.
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February 10, 2011   4 Comments

Fair Game

Shay’s Fair Game from 12.15.10 and 12.08.10

Senator Tim Ashe on running for mayor:

“I am hoping to play a big role in my second term,” said Ashe. “I’d have to be a total jerk to be talking about another office or election. Particularly one that is so far away.”

Obama was talking about running for president two years before November 2008.   I don’t think that necessarily makes him a jerk at all, let alone a “total” jerk.  I’m curious to know which nomination Tim Ashe would seek.  Progressive or Democratic?  As far as I know there is no “fusion” primary.  Whatever.  New Poll.  One vote per computer per month this time.  Not scientific, but just to tend slightly more toward science, I’ll ask that only likely Burlington voters participate.  Thanks.  Now let’s get it on!  (Ding Ding)  

For Mayor (Choose One):
Kurt Wright
Joan Shannon
Ed Adrian
Karen Paul
Tim Ashe
David Hartnett
Haik Bedrosian
Bob Kiss
Hinda Miller
Andy Montroll
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December 19, 2010   8 Comments

The Next Mayor

This unscientific poll is for fun only, and cannot be relied upon to predict the future. If you need convincing, look no further than the results of this poll from the last election…

Ok Let’s go:

For Mayor (choose one):
Bob Kiss- Progressive, current mayor, former state rep.
Ed Adrian- Democrat, current city councilor
Kurt Wright- Republican, current city councilor and state rep
Haik Bedrosian- Independent, current school commissioner, former city councilor
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October 13, 2010   1 Comment

Determinism vs. Free Will

Determinism: the philosophical view that every event, including all human thought and behavior, is determined by previous events.

Free Will: Screw previous events.  “I do what I want” (Like Eric Cartman).

Determinism or Free Will?
Free Will
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Please note: right now on the Google there are:
About 2,460,000 results (0.31 seconds) for “free will vs determinism”
About 170,000 results (0.23 seconds) for “determinism vs free will”

That means alphabetical order is not usually followed when people put those two phrases versus each other. People like free will better. They may not believe in it, but it’s kind of a bummer to say everything is predetermined and there is no free will. Doesn’t exactly make you Mr. Laughs at parties. Still though, nobody will ever know so you might as well live like you have free will anyway. I mean, how could you not?

Yep. I’m putting my philosophy minor to good use.

July 28, 2010   4 Comments

Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Superintendent Jeanne Collins reported to the school board today that she is considering sending the district’s diversity director and another administrator to The Philippines to investigate recruiting teachers from there.  She said she has to decide by next week whether to send them.

My preference would be to limit our teacher recruitment efforts to The United States, but maybe I’m being closed-minded. 

What do you think?

Should the Burlington School District recruit teachers from The Phillipines?
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May 20, 2010   27 Comments

Pacy on Protocols

From: Haik Bedrosian []
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 12:03 PM
To: Ben Pacy
Cc: Jonathan P.A. Leopold, Jr.; Bob Kiss
Subject: Election Protocols and Safeguards

Hi Ben,

It seems to me the necessity of moving the votes from the polls to city hall because of IRV introduces a new opportunity for cheating.

I am curious to know what safeguards are in place to prevent possible switching of memory cards holding IRV votes when they are en route from the ward polling places to the central tabulator at city hall.

I realize this is short notice, but I would like an answer on this today so that I may publish it at before the election Tuesday. If Ben is not available today, I would be satisfied to get an answer from either Jonathan or Bob instead.


From: Ben Pacy
Subject: RE: Election Protocols and Safeguards
To: “‘Haik Bedrosian‘”

Cc: Jonathan P.A. Leopold, Jr., Bob Kiss
Date: Friday, February 26, 2010, 12:20 PM


This may best be described orally, or I can show you. Nonetheless, I will attempt to describe in writing.

Upon preparing the machine for the election, the memory card is sealed into the tabulator with a seal. The number on this seal is documented on a form and sealed into the tabulator case. The number on the seal for the tabulator is also recorded on that form. On the morning of the election, the tabulators are delivered to the polling places, where the seal on the tabulator case is broken, and the form is then accessible to the Ward Clerk and Inspectors of Election, to verify both the seal on the tabulator case and the seal on the memory card. This process is repeated for the return to City Hall, except the memory card seal should be the same, only the tabulator case seal will be different. In addition, two election officials of different political party are required to accompany the tabulators and ballots back to City Hall. These seal numbers are then verified at City Hall when they arrive. At the 2009 Mayoral Election, candidates also had representatives accompany the election officials and the tabulators. If I recall correctly every candidate had a representative for every ward. Let me know if you have further questions.


From: Haik Bedrosian []
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 12:03 PM
To: Ben Pacy
Cc: Jonathan P.A. Leopold, Jr.; Bob Kiss
Subject: Election Protocols and Safeguards

Thanks for the fast reply. How do we know there aren’t already votes on the cards when they go out to the polling places to begin with?

From: Ben Pacy
Subject: RE: Election Protocols and Safeguards
To: “‘Haik Bedrosian‘”

Cc: Jonathan P.A. Leopold, Jr., Bob Kiss
Date: Friday, February 26, 2010, 1:46 PM


The memory cards are programmed with the current election information by the vendor LHS Associates. The memory cards are placed in the tabulators and test ballots are run through the machines to verify that the tabulators are adding up the correct markings on the test ballots. Once the test is done the tabulators are then put in election mode. This is the point at which the memory card is sealed into the machine. When the tabulator arrives at the polling place on the day of the election; the seals are verified and then the machine is turned on. When the machine is turned on the tabulator prints out what is called the zero tape. All of the races show zeros in them reflecting what is on the memory card. This is to verify that there is no ballot information stored in the memory card. I guess the next question would be, could the memory cards be manipulated in some way. I do not know the answer to that, but we can always count the ballots again. The State laws do provide for recounts if races are close or contested through a court.


From: Haik Bedrosian []
Sent: Friday, February 26, 2010 2:20 PM
To: Ben Pacy
Cc: Jonathan P.A. Leopold, Jr.; Bob Kiss
Subject: RE: Election Protocols and Safeguards

Thanks very much. Have a good election Tuesday!

February 26, 2010   3 Comments

Entergy Poll

A nice man who couldn’t pronounce “legislature” or “nuclear” called just now. He said he was was from Communications Center, Inc. in Spokane Washington and he administered a market research study. It was a straight forward poll that really did take only about five minutes. It wasn’t a push poll.

He asked me to rate a bunch of terms on a rather granular 1-100 scale of favorability, with 100 being most favorable.

Entergy 10
VT Legislature 33
Greenpeace 51
VPIRG (“V-Purge”) 52
VT Yankee 10

Then he asked me to rate a bunch of phrases related to the potential re-licensing of VT Yankee “Nucular” Power Plant according to my level of agreement. This time my ratings were to be on a much less granular scale of four possible answers- Very much, somewhat not too much, not at all.

VT Yankee should be re-licensed- Not at all
VT Yankee is clean energy- Not at all
VT Yankee helps Vermont’s economy- Somewhat
VT Yankee helps makes Vermont more energy independent- Not too much

Then he asked some standard questions to try to put me in a box. I’m an independent who leans more toward the “Democrat” party than the Republican party. I told him it’s the Democratic party and asked how his script was written. He assured me that it was written “Democratic” and that he had just made a mistake.

So basically expect Entergy’s big sell to be on the economy and on energy independence.

I am opposed to nuclear energy on principle because I don’t think we have a right to tell the next 40,000 years of humanity they have to deal with radioactive waste because we the living of today say so. That’s just rude.

December 10, 2009   Comments Off

City Between Rock and Hard Place on BT

“You don’t just walk away from a thirty-three million dollar debt.” -Jonathan Leopold

The city of Burlington has always owned the risk for Burlington Telecom. The notion that taxpayer money was never at risk was patently false. Big D or small d department, BT belongs to the City and always has.

Now it owes fifty million and is worth perhaps fifteen. If it died today the taxpayers would have to make up the difference.

So what do we do? Cut our losses or keep rolling the dice and hope it improves?

Here’s a poll for Burlington Taxpayers only. If you don’t pay property tax to Burlington, please don’t vote in the poll:

Burlington Telecom: Cut Losses or Keep Rolling Dice?
Cut Losses
Keep Rolling Dice
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November 20, 2009   5 Comments