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The Sixth Annual VDB/GMD Political Barbeque and Hamburger Summit

Thank you Philip, and John (sorry I missed you), and wonderful to see everyone there today- Selene, Maggie, Ed, Jack, Kesha, Minor H, Bill, Seth, Charity and all other wonderful friends who make this event so special every year. I love this thing, not just for the beach and the free beer- but also because of all of you.

July 9, 2011   Comments Off

Policy Committee Meeting Postponed

The meeting I was talking about in this post:

is being rescheduled.  Thank God.  I totally wasn’t ready.

This also means I no longer have an excuse to miss the Ward 4/7 NPA meeting tomorrow at the Miller Center on Gosse Court at 7pm, where I’m expected to answer questions about the school budget.  Right.  Like I’m ready for that.

February 14, 2011   6 Comments

North End NPA

North End NPA
by Lea Terhune

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This is one of my favorite blogs. It depicts the ongoing saga of the Wards Four and Seven Neighborhood Planning Assembly.  Very real. Lea says “North End” instead of “New North End.” The “new” is superfluous when you think about it. She prefers to say “The ONE” instead of the “Old North End.” I suppose “The ONE” has some panache. Why not?

Now if the New North End, ahem, excuse me- the North End were to ever secede from Burlington and become part of Colchester, would that make the Old North End the New North End?  Or the New New North End?  Or the Old Old North End?

January 3, 2011   1 Comment