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Category — Ward 6

Me and Jill Evans on Channel 17

This aired on 02/06/2012. Watching it now it seems like I talked too much and that Jill was very patient with me.

Breaking news: I have decided to cast my personal vote for the school budget. I don’t want to tell other people to vote for it, because I think they should make their own minds up. There will be a few people already at their financial edge for whom a tax increase will make the tyranny of the majority real.  That’s part of the agony of democracy and it betrays the fallacy of the property tax system. I wish the board and the administration had prepared a leaner budget, but if the voters say no to we will have to immediately notify up to 25 teachers that they might lose their jobs- all the cards will be thrown up in the air, and who knows what important things might get slashed in a panic as we draw up a second attempt? There really isn’t much of a plan b, sadly. Plus both Miro and Kurt have come against the school budget, and for some reason that pushes more toward supporting  it.

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