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Quote Me TJ vs. Sorrell Live

11:17am- Kristen Kristin Carlson and Cheryl Hanna grilling TJ Donovan and Bill Sorrell…

on prostests, police actions, etc…

BS- make grand jury invesigation facts open…
TD- Federal law presumes investigations open…

Oh… and it’s over…good show…

August 5, 2012   Comments Off

Cops at Tanning Salon

Breaking News

I don’t know why, but there are two or three cruisers at the Tanning Salon at the Ethan Allen shopping center, another with its flashers on parked next door at the DMV, and another with its flashers on slowly rolling through the neighborhood on Ethan Allen Parkway. WCAX has a camera on the Salon and (I’m guessing) will report what happened at 11 pm.

December 9, 2010   2 Comments

Burlington Telecom Lease Terminated

Not too much in the media about the termination of the lease between Burlington Telecom and Citi Capital. Just this post from Seven Days.

And now there are 11 investors calling themselves “reboot bt” offering to buy the company.  Here’s a great quote from one of the investors From WCAX:

“The problems of BT have to do with the management of BT, in particular the marketing and executive management of BT itself”

I once had so much hope and excitement for Burlington Telecom.  Now what?  This group of folks might buy it for 10 or 15 million, and the city will still be out the 17 million and will still owe the bank 20 million dollars.  And don’t think they won’t sue Burlington for it.  If you had a fleet of lawyers and somebody owed you 20 million, you’d sue.  Is Ken Schatz ready?  Yikes!

You know Bob- you might have got the council to approve the Piper Jaffray re-fi if you had fired Leopold and let somebody else present it to them.  Now it seems the City is probably going to eat a loss of between 30 and 50 million dollars on the Burlington Telecom experiment, not counting increased interest costs from lower credit ratings.  Sad.

November 29, 2010   Comments Off

When I wasn’t Looking

It’s hard to keep up with other city events now that I’m on  the school board.  Good thing Mount Mansfield Television’s got my back.  The Channel 3 News at 11 tells me tonight…

*Burlington Telecom might just be turning itself around, kind-of, sort-of,  a little- in unspecified ways.

*The city is setting up a separate account for the airport in response to Moody’s recent downgrade of its credit rating.  “Its” meaning the airport’s credit rating, although Moody’s recently downgraded the city’s rating too because of Burlington Telecom’s failures.  (The downgrade is also costing the Burlington School District money in increased interest payments.)

*And from the “I didn’t see that coming” files:  Former Ward Four school commissioner Jane O’meara Sanders is selling Colodny’s and moving Burlington College a click north to the Catholic Diocese at 351 North Ave.   I wonder if she gets to keep the link from the chain of Saint Peter that Pope Pius IX gave to Bishop De Goesbriand.

May 25, 2010   2 Comments

Marselis Parsons Retires

Tonight is Marselis Parsons’s last broadcast. The Free Press has a story here. Kate Duffy offers Mr. Parsons retirement advice here.

I was watching this guy just the other day and thinking “I wonder how much longer we’ll be seeing him on the TV.” Seriously. I was wondering that just the other day. That’s the way things always work.

Thanks for the hard work and steady hand Marselis. You did a good job filling in for Gallagher. Cheers.


Update 8:23pm. OK who cried when Marselis signed off tonight? Oh, nobody cried when Marselis signed off? I cried my eyes out.

It’s sad because he overlapped the last quarter century of CBS television in Vermont. He was Dan Rather to Richard Gallager’s Walter Chronkite. His retirement reminds us of the decline of everying. Not to mention the fact that he’s certainly one of the last people in the country to get a job in his early twenties, stay with the same company for forty-some-odd years and retire at age 65. There are no more Dan Rathers and there is no more American dream. Not the way it was anyway. Remember-When- Mar-sel-is Par-sons- oooh- oooh- oooh, oooh-ohhh.

October 15, 2009   4 Comments

The Face of April Cornell

Maybe twitter is ok. April Cornell just tweeted this little item about a local fashion contest. WCAX reports she’s looking for a new model to be the face of her brand.

May 20, 2009   Comments Off

Local News

Life goes on here in Burlington, even while I wrestle with my facebook demons.

Fletcher Allen Expanding Cancer Center from WCAX

“The 23,000 square foot building will be double the size of the current radiation oncology department that has been in use for 40 years…”

Progress on Moran Plant Redevelopment from The Burlington Free Press

“Another major step has been taken on the project. Freeman French Freeman, the Burlington architectural firm, after studying the project over the winter, has delivered budget numbers for remodeling the building to the city and the project partners — the for-profit company Ice Factor and the nonprofit Community Sailing Center and Green Mountain Children’s Museum.”

May 14, 2009   Comments Off

Organization Day

According the WCAX today is organization day for the City of Burlington. The mayor and councilors get sworn in and the council picks a president. WCAX says the race for president is likely to be between Clarence Davis and Bill Keogh. I’m inclined to think Davis will win.

April 6, 2009   4 Comments

Local Media Errors

Welcome to BurlingtonPol’s new feature- “Local Media Errors” where I’ll be bringing attention to some of the misleading statements and egregious errors of fact that frequently appear in our local media. Burlington Free Press, Seven Days and WCAX- this is your warning. You’re not getting paid to get it wrong. From now on when you make a mistake, or when you’re just too damn lazy to get the facts right, you’ll have to answer to the Great and Powerful BurlingtonPol and my army of loyal readers.

The first person to receive this blog’s swift and merciless justice is Sam Hemmingway from The Burlington Free Press. Today online and on the front page the physical newspaper above the fold, Hemmingway writes:

“A dejected Kurt Wright said he might challenge the instant runoff vote system that had him ahead in the contest for mayor of Burlington for two rounds of vote counting.”

One could make a semantic argument that asking for a recount would “challenge” the system to prove the votes were counted correctly, but Sam should know damn well that what Kurt would be challenging is the count only, not instant runoff voting itself.

In my interview with him on February 22, Kurt wright said very cleary that he would not challenge IRV because it was supported by the voters. Kurt said:

“I was asked by Channel Three News when they talked about IRV last week if- because I was the only candidate that had some issues with IRV- I mean I think there’s pros and cons to it- so they asked if I was elected would I work to overturn the system, and my answer is no, because voters voted for it. If there was any move to overturn IRV, I think it would have to be a citizen lead initiative.”

Maybe Hemmingway worded it that way to stir-up more debate about IRV, but it’s wrong, it’s poor reporting, and I’m calling him on it.

Local error-riddled media- this is your wake up call. Get it right or be destroyed. The choice is yours.

March 4, 2009   1 Comment

Historic Local Political Ad

There’s some election law that keeps Marselis Parsons from selling TV advertising time to local candidates for mayor or city council. Therefore I don’t think any video ads for local candidates had ever existed before now. Please correct me if you know otherwise. This video for Bob Kiss, as far as I know, is the first. It looks like Burlington political campaigns are entering the YouTube age.

Note- This video was not produced by the Kiss campaign. It was created by an independent filmmaker and Kiss supporter named Art Bell, who tells me he hopes the Kiss campaign is not offended by his “attempt to find an interesting way to tout what I think he [Kiss] has done for us.”

This is similar to what we saw in the presidential race. A lot of people made YouTube videos for Obama that were independent of the campaign as well.

February 13, 2009   Comments Off