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Posts from — October 2010

Philip Baruth for State Senate


May the Force Baruth You.

He’s thoughtful and intelligent and will make the senate closer to the public and vise versa.  Vote for Philip Baruth for State Senate on Tuesday.  This is not a paid endorsement.

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Entergy Discovers Poosie’s Choice

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The Digital Divide

The “digital divide” Lauren-Glenn was always warning about is here today. The phrase represents a phenomenon wherein one’s economic standing depends on his computer skills. I recently joined Twitter and have discovered a whole segment of young, affluent Burlingtonians whose profiles all read like this-

Graphic Designer, IT and Web Project Manager, Marketing Guru, New Media Geek, Photographer, Website Design and Internet Marketing for Active Lifestyle and Environment-friendly companies, Using data, analysis and creativity, Public Relations~Social Media~Grassroots Marketing, e-Commerce, Software, Technology, Cloud, Social Media, Commerce Server,, Integration, virtually-based agency, create websites, campaigns, strategy, SEO, video, ads, culture, Software developer, web developer, entrepreneur, and an advocate of free/open source software, brainstorming and problem-solving, Digital strategist and consultant. Internet Strategist, Marketing Lead, Client Solutions Manager,Marketing Metrics, Media Maven…blah blah blah blah blah…don’t talk to me unless you look good.

I’ll never catch up to these kids, but at least I can follow them now on Twitter. With the exception of a couple of neighborhoods like mine in the new north end, Burlington is bereft of a middle class. We have two main constituencies. Folks who live in public and subsidized housing, and these kids from the Twitter set. 

And there’s your digital divide.  Right here in River City.  Right before your very eyes.  Ta-daa.

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I Was a Teenage Werewolf

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Shumlin vs. Dubie

I’m going to give you a very concise analysis of the gubernatorial race at this stage of the game on 10.25.10.  I say “Shumlin vs. Dubie” rather than vise versa because I think despite whatever Nate Silver and The Times say about percentages of likely victory, in reality in Vermont Dubie is much more well known than Shumlin and he is the heir apparent.  Status quo equals Dubie wins.  Shumlin has to go the extra mile to pull it out.  He has to give us a compelling reason to buck what gravity would conclude about the more recognized name “Dubie.”  At this point I’d advise Peter and Alexandra to wrap up their courtship with women and start showing us the money.  We’re not going to elect the lessor known rich guy over Jet Pilot High unless we think he might share some secret that will make us all rich.   Spend the money to do a detailed job-creation-plan infomercial.  Something.  Go back and hammer on the high-tech-ecobiz, enviro-biz, agra-biz, solar panels and windmills thing.  While it can be great to take a firm position on a particular issue, you can’t bet the works on being pro-choice, or on the Democratic Party- you know- or Bernie who supports you but said he likes your opponent.  If you really want to be governor, start promising jobs and economic growth like crazy.  Now.

Also- I will sell the top banner of this blog thru Nov. 2 to whichever gubernatorial candidate paypals  $100 first.  Don’t miss your chance to advertise on Burlington’s most effective political website…

Update- four minutes later- Joe Biden is coming to stump for Shumlin… Perfect.  Use the event to hammer home a message about jobs and the economy (JOBS AND THE ECONOMY (STUPID)!).  The news will play that.


Picks and Predications Election Day 2010

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A great report by Phil LaVigne, right out of Front Porch Forum…


By Phil LaVigne, NPA Steering Committee Member – Ward 7, Lakeview Terr,
Thu, 21 October 2010
Post your note to neighbors:

Thanks to all who brought information about child care needs in the [New]North End to a special NPA meeting on Oct 13, and to those who came to vote at the Oct 19 regular third Tuesday NPA.  Both gatherings are available for viewing at Ch17 website.

Regarding current child care needs, we learned that working parents need baby and toddler care, and that there are currently several openings for children of all ages in a variety of settings.  Child Care Resource (802) 863-3367 is the place to call if you need help finding the right care setting for your child.

We learned that money for senior centers is divided up equally among existing centers, and that the child care network in the North End consists of centers, public school, and home care all directed by of dedicated people who would welcome taxpayer support to upgrade their facilities, equipment and staff training.

We learned of untapped potential of center space and grounds at North Avenue Alliance Church, and of Frog&Toad’s interest in moving closer to North End clients they serve (0-6 yrs) now.  We met wonderful people who provide home day care in many neighborhoods. We learned that the need for affordable child care is acute.

We learned that support for the Y Child Care program is strong citywide, and we also heard about the need to protect the existing child care network and share public funds equally among all child care providers. We heard that residents want to proceed with the basic finish work in the Miller Center space now — and we asked why $39.6K has been unclaimed when the community could be using the space now and the grant money could provide stimulus to the job market!

That’s our take on it — what’s yours?

Photos from the Oct 13 mtg:

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Via Front Porch Forum:

By Alex Reutter, Van Patten Pkwy,
Fri, 15 October 2010
Post your note to neighbors:

Here’s an easy way to support our grade-school kids if you shop at

1. Go to the CP Smith PTO website at
2. On the right side of the page in the “Current Fundraisers” box, click on the SchoolRewards link.
3. Shop as you normally would.
4. Our PTO receives up to 10% back on the purchase through the Associates Program.

Note that you must use the direct link located on the PTO website homepage in order for the PTO to get credit for the purchase.

Thanks for your support!

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The Next Mayor

This unscientific poll is for fun only, and cannot be relied upon to predict the future. If you need convincing, look no further than the results of this poll from the last election…

Ok Let’s go:

For Mayor (choose one):
Bob Kiss- Progressive, current mayor, former state rep.
Ed Adrian- Democrat, current city councilor
Kurt Wright- Republican, current city councilor and state rep
Haik Bedrosian- Independent, current school commissioner, former city councilor
Free polls from

October 13, 2010   1 Comment

School Board Update 10.12.10

I just wanted to share one thing with you. Here are the changes to Burlington School District’s Superintendent evaluation policy that are going for their second reading tonight. Most of the changes you see here were suggestions of mine. Because of my amendments in the Policy Committee, the superintendent will be evaluated annually.  You’d think that’s a no-brainer, but it’s actually a huge change from what was.

October 12, 2010   1 Comment

Carburs Now American Flatbread

I went to American Flatbread today for the first time.  The last time I was there it was Carburs. According to this site “…At the Carburs Restaurant, the ghost of a man who killed himself in the basement is said to haunt this site.”

Shadows and dust Maximus.

I guess it’s Flatbread’s ghost now. Sitting there in a tiny wooden chair, my ass mourned the ghost of those giant throne chairs Carburs had.

October 8, 2010   2 Comments