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Posts from — August 2011

My Dad and His Parents

This is the only picture of my father’s parents that I know of, and the earliest picture of my father that I know of. That’s my dad on the left and his parents, father Momikon Sahakyan and mother Sadat sitting next to him. 1923. I assume this picture was taken in Armenia, but it might have been in Baku. I’ll ask him tomorrow.

****08.28.11 Update: My dad says the picture was taken in Armenia in his home town of for his mother, sisters and family farm starting at age 12.  His father, despite showing up for this photo, was rarely around after my dad was about 12.  He was younger than my grandmother and was embarrassed that his wife would carry him to bed when he fell asleep.  He was like eleven or something and she was like seventeen when their fathers decided they should be married.

My father did not go on to an easy life after this picture was taken.  He tells me the only relatively normal and peaceful part of his life was his marriage to my mother, who went and died on him almost four years ago now, a month before his ninety-ninth birthday.  Five days from what would have been her seventy-first.

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My Grandparents’ Honeymoon

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More to Come…

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