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Sparks fly in Council Debates III
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
When we last left the Ward One debate between Independent Dick Bove, Progressive Megan Munson-Warnken and Democrat Ed Adrian- Bove was talking about how he tried to kill Urban renewal when he was on the council in the sixties, but then councilman (and later mayor) Francis Cain cast the deciding vote in favor of it.

Funny story about Frank Cain-When the cold war ended some friends and I cleaned out the bomb shelter in city hall and found these old reel to reel tapes recorded by mayor Cain to be played in the event of a nuclear war. You know- don't panic, stay in your homes- that sort of thing. I didn't hear the tapes but they came with written transcripts. Also in the bomb shelter? Saltines- lots and lots of saltine crackers in big metal canisters that were forty years old and rusting away. Nasty.

All right- let me write about this debate already-

Opening statements (continued):

Ed- living in Burlington since 1996. Concerned about "process." Examples of issues where he's had concerns about process: School Redistricting and YMCA. Wants to promote a family environment.

Megan- "Deeply invested in Burlington." "Every day we are walking, driving and biking in Burlington." "I can be a bold creative and very thoughtful voice for Ward One."

Call-in question: What's up with the openness of some local political caucuses and the closed nature of others?

Ed- SEI discussion has been too one-way.

Megan- Only a handful of people go to city council meetings.

Dick- Thank God for Channel 17.

Call-in question: What's the role of the city council in the school budget?

Megan- I'll know more "once I get in there and start asking those kinds of questions."

Dick- Easy question. The council doesn't have a role in the school budget. That's what the school board is for.

Ed- That's why we have a school board.

Question: Reaction to SEI Task Force?

Dick- We have to consolidate schools to keep taxes low.

Ed- If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Magnet elementary schools don't make sense. Ward One voters usually approve school budgets overwhelmingly. Happiness of the children is very important.

Megan- SEI task force has started "wildfires" but I'm not necessarily opposed to their ideas.

Question: Waterfront?

Ed- Keep the 'north forty' open. Rip down the Moran plant.

Megan- Maybe retrofit Moran.

Dick- Tony Pomerleau wanted a high-rise on the 40, but Bernie stopped it. The waterfront is "Bernie's field of dreams." YMCA deal was suspect because CEDO people were on the YMCA board of directors, etc. Rip down Moran. Fixing it up would be "throwing good money after bad."

Question: Main economic driver in Burlington?

Megan- UVM-FAHC, tourism and small biz.

Dick- Let's bring football back. Keep people living downtown. That's beautiful. Reduce bureaucracy at city hall.

Ed- Let's look beyond CEDO.

Question: Zoning Rewrite?

Ed- Very important process but hard to make it interesting for people.

Megan- Frustrated with zoning process. "Five years is a long time." (Note- Megan Munson-Warnken has only lived in Burlington about three years. Unless you happen to know that, it might sound like she's been watching the process for the last five years. She hasn't.)

Dick- Owners of historic houses in Burlington are getting totally screwed by a myriad of complicated regulations. (Teacher and Athena Club Chess Guy Bill McGrath recently testified to the city council regarding just this.)

Closing statements.

Blah blah blah. Ed announced his blog and actually gave out his cell phone number. That's incredible. I've never seen another candidate do that. Jerry Brown announced 1-800-426-1112 a lot in 1992 (a number he's used for subsequent campaigns) but Ed gave out his personal cell number. That's a clear signal he will be an accessible and engaging councilor if he wins the election.

Debate winner: Ed Adrian.

Next debate: Ward three incumbent Tim Ashe faces independent challenger Loyal Ploof. In a nutshell- Tim crushed Loyal twenty million to zero in their debate. Sorry Loyal. Tim was extremely articulate and clearly has commanding knowledge of the issues. Not to mention his positions are totally spot-on. Loyal...not so much.

Debate winner: Tim Ashe.

Coming Monday- I tell you who should win this year and why... Stay tuned!!
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 6:50 PM   5 comments
Blogosphere Imploding
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Odum leaves Blogging, Dow Drops 416 points

Update- Right after I wrote the post below the row of stars, I noticed all the other blogs in the world (our world, anyway) have covered the same story. I guess the Snarky angle is way off base. I guess this was more about the 2nd VT Republic folks publishing where Odum works and implying they are paying for him to... what? Attack them? Who cares? I don't really get this story. But it does remind me we're all about a paycheck away from going off the air. If that makes any sense.


Odum is leaving GMD. He posted a farewell there and Baruth followed it up, so it's official. If it was just Odum saying he himself quit, I wouldn't be too sure. But if Phillip writes about it, you can pretty much hang it on your wall. And yes, this is true even if Baurth is just basing his post on Odum's post and nothing more. I trust VDB more than my own blog. It doesn't have to make sense. Read my disclaimer.

I think it's public knowledge there was something happening between John Odum and a Mr. Snarky Boy. Just last week Odum revealed Snark's ID to be this guy.

Freaky. Whether this Colby guy is Snaky, and whether Snarky had something to do with Odum's departure, we don't know for sure. We do know Snarky has written some very not nice things about Odum. Frankly I don't see why Odum would be a target for harrassment. He is a great political blogger, but I've always found him to be a pretty mainstream Democrat- he never said anything too radical or outright offensive. I would worry way more about the some of the shit I say at Carpetbagger. Odum's very likable it seems to me. Then again maybe those likeable, mainstream qualities of his drove some already crazy-radical more crazy. Who knows? I just hope it all turns out ok for Odum.

Odum announced he's out yesterday. That's a loss and I'm sorry to hear it. Of course I jumped over to SnarkyBoy to see what he had to say about it and I saw his post, also from Monday, called "A Day to Remember" but it wasn't about Odum. It was about skiing and it was posted hours before Odum's post.

So there's that.

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posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 7:33 PM   9 comments
Hammerslough Endorses Rogers
Sunday, February 25, 2007
I got a random email from this guy. It starts below the row of stars...

After a lot of thought, and discussion, my wife and I endorse Dave Rogers for City Council from Ward 2. We feel that Jane Knodell has worked hard both the City and Ward 2 have benefited from her labor . However, it is time for a change. Dave Rogers offers new ideas and energy. At a time when the colleges and University are dumping vast numbers of students on the City's already limited housing, something has to be done to create affordable housing for both working families and students. There is no reason both the University and colleges can't build adequate housing for their students. There is no reason there shouldn't be an impact fee on these institutions for every student living off campus.

David Rogers hs many good ideas for improving the City and making it more affordable for everyone. His ideas for school improvement, the waterfront, and housing are innovative and are a refreshing change. The fact that he is a working person with a young family offers a sensitivity and awareness that is distinctive and will offer new perspective for our ward.

With Dave Rogers as a candidate for Ward 2, it raises the level of discussion, and challenges the incumbent, as well as City Council members who are not running, to take a fresh look at things.

Phil & Lucinda Hammerslough
Isham St., Ward 2
More by Phil Hammerslough:
What Alan Greenspan Didn't Say
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 12:09 PM   0 comments
Something Old Something New
There's a new "Blast from the Past!" posted. Thanks Charity for that. Also, Ward Seven GOP city council candidate Graig Gutchell came by our door yesterday and dropped off this flyer. Thanks Craig for that.
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 12:01 PM   0 comments
Sparks fly in Council Debates II
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
I love Roman Numerals but I really don't get why clocks use IIII instead of IV for four. It doesn't make any sense. Life is full of little quirks it would have been impossible any for one person to design. I gotta get rid of my cat. That thing is just a ridiculously dirty ball of fur. Every day he leaves his disgusting muddy paw prints all over my bathtub and I'm constantly picking up wads of his matted fur the size of mice. Then there was that time I found a real dead mouse behind Koko's bed. It was a gift from Howard Moses. That's our cat, and he gets no pseudonym protection like Poopsie, Koko and soon-to-be-Yanna. His real name is Howard Moses, but we call him "HoMo" for short.

Wait a minute. What was I talking about? Oh yeah- those debates from last week that I took notes on- I was going to write them up last Tuesday, but of course got too caught up making the photo collage and pushed it off- then the storm hit, and life swept me further down the river and I never even watched any more debates. Now I'm going to hastily grind out the story of the two (one and a half) I did watch, a week late. The product will be shabby, but at least it will exist. That's what makes this blog one of Burlington's Premier Online Political Gossip Rags. The fact that it exists.

Technical problems prevented video for the first few minutes of the debate between the three candidates (Ed Adrian (D), Dick Bove(I) & Megan Munson-Warnken (P)) running in the special Ward One election to replace Ian Carlton. Carlton, an attorney who is leaving the council halfway through a two year term is the current city council president.

My notes begin with Dick Bove saying he tried to kill urban renewal in 1965, but Frank Cain (who would be mayor a few years later) cast the deciding vote in favor of it...

...Ok that's enough for tonight. I'm going to watch Leno with Poopsie. I'll finish this later...

posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 10:19 PM   3 comments
Craig Hill Responds to Kevin Ryan
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
VT Green Co-Chair Craig Hill sent this like, a week ago. Sorry it took so long to post. It got lost in my inbox. (Craig's words below the row of stars.)

As a friendly as well as honest observer of the meeting Kevin as usual mis-describes in his letter to you, i draw your attn to the following:

- Because the Green Party is oriented by principle to grassroots democracy, we must follow certain guidelines, which includes the fact, unfairly as usual omitted by Kevin, as reiterated several times during the discussion of Steve Ekberg's de facto abdication and subsequent sabotage of the town committee he so dearly clings to chair, that once a meeting is posted, as this one was at the end of the prior meeting on Jan 7, a chair cannot willy-nilly cancel it because he knows there will be topics discussed, i.e., him and his behavior, he doesn't want any Greens to discuss. When he announced the meeting was canceled, i wrote him a few emails telling him (1) he can't do that, that if he doesn't want to attend a meeting or can't, the vice-chair takes over in his stead, which is the point of the existence of the vice-chair, right? and (2) that rather than run and hide and deprive all Burlington Greens from their democratic meeting he should organize his recruits to defend him at it. Sounds fair all around, oui?

- Steve's response a few days before the filing deadline instead was to refuse to sign some of the forms instructing the town clerk, Jo la Marche, to put certain Greens on the ballot for March 7, due solely to the fact that they included Green candidates, duly endorsed at the Jan 7 meeting Ekberg chaired, mind, who opposed his continued leadership due to his alienating behavior. So this is the guy who wants so badly to remain town chair he intentionally sabotages his own candidate slate out of pique. What a great chair, eh? After a series of phone calls to La Marche and the town atty Kevin Shotz (sic?) it was determined, by them, mind, that if an observer to the meeting that endorsed our slate could sign the forms Ekberg refused to sign, with a signature from one of the state Green co-chairs, who in this emergency was myself, the slate would appear on the ballot after all.

Owen Mulligan, who Kevin feigns was not an officer but who in fact was installed as Executive Director of the Burlington Greens at the Ekberg-chaired Jan 7 meeting, tho not present at it due to illness, tracked down the town committee treasurer and elicited her signature on the form. I then signed below her, the papers were filed in the absence of the uncooperative chair, and our slate officially was confirmed. Kevin's selective omission of all this, and more, and his pretense the actions of Owen Mulligan at the subsequent meeting on Feb 4 were illegal, is belied by the fact our slate was recognized by Burlington city officials despite Ekberg's refusal to sign as well as his instruction to the treasurer who did sign to withdraw her signature, which she attempted to do on the day of the filing deadline, but which was not accepted for the fact that her signature 3 days earlier put the issue in cement. Amazinger and amazinger.

- Ekberg then instructed his slate of officers not to attend the Feb 4 meeting Kevin decried as virtually empty of officers, duh, as if! a warned meeting could not go forth, which it must for the fact it was warned, as was explained to the satisfaction of all at the Feb 4 meeting but not explained to your readers thanks to the selective dishonesty of Mr Ryan. Vice-chair Jim Glade did attend, tho refused to officially participate. Owen Mulligan, the next ranking officer present, chaired. Ekberg's behavior was discussed, all sides had their unlimited say, including Kevin, till he refused to stop interrupting others and insisted on raising issues that were not the topic under discussion, the behavior of Chairman Steve. Despite my reiteration that a chair who would sabotage his own slate of candidates had, by those actions, as far as i was concerned, abdicated, literally, his reponsibilites, which of course was fine by the omnipresently interfering infiltrator Bush-supporting Republican Kevin Ryan, Kevin pretends it is the behavior of Owen and the action taken at the Feb 4 meeting officially stripping Steve of his position that is at issue. I ask how detached from reality can one get and still be considered an honest player?

- Finally, the abdication of Ekberg, the attempted sabotage of the slate by the treasurer, the refusal of the vice-chair to participate, and the no-show recidivism of the secretary and asst treasurer lead to the de facto conclusion that Ekberg's officers had designed that in order to save the village they had to destroy it, and deprive Burlington Greens from meeting. Ever. Ever again. Unless Chairman Steve were back in charge. So we were told. Lunacy. The type which Kevin fosters, constantly, as Steve's Karl Rove. Luckily sanity broke out, the meeting went on, Jean was elevated to acting secretary to take the minutes in the absence of Steve's secretary, who rarely showed, and the committee will be resurrected for the physical abdication and non-participation of the "oifficers" who Kevin insists are still running the committee. Hilarious.

As was the scene when Kevin refused to speak to the issue and began as he does raising filibustering and draining non-sequiters. The librarian was called to help, she asked Kevin whether he was a Green and if not what the hell he was doing there, and lead him out by the hand to the unanimous applause of the participating Greens present, sine die. Kevin Ryan, once again, BUSTED. ~ Craig Hill / Green Party of Vt co-chair


posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 11:06 PM   5 comments
Warm it up Chris!
...I'm about to.

I had a post up called "cubicide" about work, but I've decided to replace that with this:

After another week or so- I'm gonna lay down the skinny on who I think should win this year and why.

Sneak preview: Sharon Bushor should win. She's a tireless public servant and she's running unopposed.

...Stay tuned!
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 12:14 AM   3 comments
A message from Tom Licata
Friday, February 16, 2007
Wow. My body still hurts. I'm grateful that so far the city hasn't come by with a plow and plugged the hole to my driveway. Anyway- here's something to read for today: A message from Andy Montroll's opponent, Independent Ward Six candidate Tom Licata... (Below the row of stars.)


Elect Tom Licata
City Council, Ward 6

Nobel laureate and economist Milton Friedman gave one of his last
interviews in July of 2006. When asked about his thoughts on a China versus
India comparison, he gave the following response: “China has
maintained political and human collectivism while gradually freeing the
economic market. This has so far been very successful but is heading for a
clash, since economic freedom and political collectivism are not
compatible.” It is this incompatibility of tensions – also defined as
cognitive dissonance - between Vermont’s social-collectivist leanings and
prosperous economic wants that drives our current state-of-confusion.
Meaningful progress as a city - and State - will require us to bridge
this gap of incongruence.

The results of Burlington’s collectivist leanings: a 50% increase in
property and sale taxes in 3 years; millions of dollars in under-funded
pension benefits and unaffordable wages paid to government employees; a
refusal to provide tax relief through an objective study of city
operations; a refusal to unlock the tax revenue relief that a partnership of
public/private developers would consummate in developing our
waterfront; and prized Burlington properties and institutions co-opted to achieve
political ends (City Market, our failed waterfront bus terminal, the
Intervale land sale, Moran Plant). This quiet campaign to leverage city
assets to further an economically-challenged progressive movement has
resulted in enormous opportunity costs in the form of lost tax revenues
and higher taxes.

Together, our two current city councilors have 25 years of longevity.
Continuing to vote these people into office while simultaneously
complaining about the financial fiasco we’re facing is what Einstein
defined as insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting
different results.

An enormous difference exists between the kind of government that
wants to help its citizens, and the kind of government that wants to help
its citizens by having them become beholden to it. Endorsing the former
and witnessing the latter in our current state-of-affairs, seems to
reflect the decision before you. Call me if you have any questions, or
would like a sign for your lawn.

Tom Licata, Independent Candidate
City Council Ward 6
172 Deforest Rd., Burlington, Vt. 05401
(802) 658-8624;
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 6:41 AM   5 comments
The Great Blizzard
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
I know some of you are clamoring for a write-up on the debates. I have notes on the two from last night, but slacker that I am, I decided to use this "vacation day" from work to shovel snow like my life depended on it. So I didn't write them up. You can take your gripes to my disclaimer.

A quick look at the channel 17 debate schedule tells me I missed the super-Wednesday council debate line up because I was preoccupied with trying to apply warmth and pressure to my lower back which along with my hands and arms, are sore.

I feel bad about missing today's debates from the candidates in Wards 4, 5, 6 and 7, but not that bad. This blog tells the story one guy's personal experience with local politics. As with most people, my experience is limited by the push and pull of real life. Today I had to turn away from the glamorous distraction of the local political scene in order to shovel snow and take care of my family. Sorry.

I hope my readers are all safe from the storm. Happy Valentine's Day ;)
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 10:10 PM   4 comments
Sparks fly in Council Debates
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 10:35 PM   6 comments
Channel 17 School Board Debates
Monday, February 12, 2007
Channel 17 kicked off its debate coverage tonight, starting with the candidates from the contested school board races in Wards Three and Seven. In Ward Three its Marrisa Caldwell vs. Denise Foote. And in Ward Seven its Robert Hooper vs. Tom Treat. Tom is against raising school taxes any further, against compulsory SEI and for a hiring freeze in the district. Robert's positions were a little more nuanced. Either man would make a fine addition to the board, but since Tom is my neighbor, he gets the official BurlingtonPol endorsement, despite those Tarrant signs he had up across the street last fall.

Go Tom!

As usual Lauren-Glenn Davitian did a stellar job as moderator for these forums. Tonight's programming on Channel 17 also featured the following uncontested school board candidates: Keith Pillsbury (w1), Jen Lazar (w2), Wally Elliot (w4), Frederick Lane (w5), Jurij Homziak (w6). I finally realize now who Fred Lane is. His son was in the daycamp group I worked with at the YMCA back in the summer of 2001. I see him at Muddy's sometimes, too.

This may seem like a non sequitur, but there are studies analyzing the societal benefits of pre-K education. Lauren-Glenn asked about this in the Treat-Hooper debate, so I Googled it.
posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 9:12 PM   7 comments
Letter from Kevin Ryan
Sunday, February 11, 2007
Reprinted with Kevin's permission (I’ll be happy to print a rebuttle from anyone who disagrees with Kevin):


Here's the "minutes" Owen compiled from the "Greens" meeting Sunday. My favorite part is the math. The list of those attending show 11 people. Subtract Hill, who lives in Montpellier, that's 10. Subtract Joan, Patrick and Ion, who are not Green Committee members, that's 7. Subtract me, that's 6. Subtract Jim Glade, who did not vote, that's 5.

Now, look at the list of those people whom "all voting members" elected to join the Green Committee. Rene, Jeanne, Jay and Frank. That's 4. Subtract 4 to get the number of "voting members", you get 1, Owen. Since Owen is not a Green Committee member, having resigned long ago, that would be 0 voting members. I doubt zero members is a valid quorum.

This means that by Owen's admission, this meeting had no valid members of the Burlington Green City Committee voting. This meeting, and any actions taken a this meeting, have no validity, prima facie or otherwise. Rene and Owen are perpetrating a fraud. Rene's candidacy is not endorsed by the City Chairman of the Greens, Owen is not the City Chair, Interim or otherwise, and unfortunately, you have been mislead.

posted by Haik Bedrosian @ 10:17 PM   4 comments
For Immediate Release II
From The Rogers for Ward Two City Councilor Campaign:

" For Immediate Release:

Energy Policy: In the age of peak oil and global warming it is imperative that we act now with known technologies and not wait till someone tells us what our future is. I would like to build on the success of the McNeal plant by leveraging it's woodchip handling capacity. We can start by Retrofitting municipal buildings such as B.E.D Offices, Schools, Armory and Leddy Rink to woodchip boilers. Currently, there is a high demand for wood pellets in northern New England. This demand is being met by importing from Canada. If Burlington were to develop a pellet mill, we would cultivate a local renewable energy source and create well paying jobs. This could be the anchor business for the eco-park in the Intervale. If elected I will study and pursue local, clean and cost-effective energy now.

Links "
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New Door Card One
Thanks to Robert for sharing this literature. Just a reminder- all 2007 Burlington candidates are invited to post their literature at And if you happen to have something for the "Blast from the Past" files- all the better!
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Paper Ballot! Paper Trail!
Thursday, February 08, 2007
You know...It isn't as if it hadn't occurred to me to write Deb Markowitz about "Paper Ballot! Paper Trail!" before. I've hesitated to do that because I was afraid of what her answer might be.

Anyway, I finally did write to her yesterday. Her response was helpful and somewhat reassuring, but not entirely satisfying. She said it was already written in Vermont Law which she gave me:

Subchapter II. Ballots
§ 2478. Number of paper ballots to be printed and furnished
(a) For primary elections, the secretary of state shall furnish each town with a sufficient number of printed ballots based on the history of voter turnout in the town and in consultation with the town clerk.
(b) For general elections, the secretary of state shall furnish each town with a number of printed ballots approximately equal to 100 percent of the number of voters on the checklist for the primary election.
(c) If necessary due to unusual growth of the checklist, a town clerk may request additional ballots from the secretary of state at least 40 days before the election.
(d) For local ballots, the town clerk shall cause such number of ballots to be printed and furnished as the board of civil authority shall designate.
(e) No voting shall occur in any general election which does not use printed ballots. (Added 1977, No. 269 (Adj. Sess.), § 1; amended 1979, No. 200 (Adj. Sess.), § 48; 1981, No. 239 (Adj. Sess.), § 15; amended 1985, No. 109 (Adj. Sess.); 1991, No. 127 (Adj. Sess.); 2003, No. 94 (Adj. Sess.), § [emphasis added]

That's great! Thank You to the state reps, senators and governor who made that happen- whoever the hell you happen to be! I love you.

The thing is Deborah Markowitz, I believe, is a genuinely nice person. I think because of this she tried to take an extra step to reassure me, that unfortunately had the opposite effect. She said even if we put the paper trail issue aside, she didn't believe electronic voting would make sense in Vermont because the "efficiencies" that make it "attractive" in other states are not "relevant" here because they are too expensive.

Um...ah, yeah...(I'm doing Bill Lumbergh ) See, the thing is- it doesn't matter how efficient it is or how attractive that efficiency may make it for an elections officer- paperless voting is worthless. It cannot be audited and that is a fact. Look it up- or better yet, just use your common sense. When you use a touch screen and the program inside the machine records the vote falsely, the voter does not know. Nobody knows, except perhaps the hacker responsible for the flipped vote. How can you recount that? What are you counting? Ether? Finger Prints? That vote is in there baby, and that race is over. Look at Florida-13 for crying out loud! Touch screen machines produced an election with 18,000 undervotes under highly dubious conditions. That baby is still in court and Florida is returning to paper. Hallelluya!

And get it straight. A "paper trail" is meaningless unless it consists of a "paper ballot" The vote must be recorded on something physical, AKA, real, AKA paper- and it must be verified by the voter before it cast. It is true that a touch screen voting machine will produce a printed receipt, but as they say "garbage in, garbage out." If a bug or glitch flipped a vote, that receipt would just mimic the flipped vote. It doesn't tell us squat about the intent of the voter. Nobody can verify a vote if no physical record of it exists.

So although I'm glad the Secretary of State has at least some reason to oppose the scourge of e-voting, I'd prefer it if her primary reason for opposing electronic voting had more to do with the bedrock principle of sound, verifiable elections- and less to do with some false ideas about cost and efficiency. If an election is meaningless it isn't efficient and it's a total waste of money. Not only that- it cuts at the heart of democracy.

In any event, Deb was very gracious to respond to my email so quickly and provide me with the text of the Vermont Paper Ballot Law. I like her. She didn't get more votes than Jim Douglas or Bernie Sanders for nothing.

BradBlog on This

The Techie Part


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Candidate Braves Cold, Connects with Voters
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Why is this Wrong?
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
(Free Sticker if you win.)
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For Immediate Release I
Monday, February 05, 2007
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Megan Munson-Warnken II
Friday, February 02, 2007
(Revised and extended for Monday February 5)

Getting back to my phone conversation Wednesday with Ward One's Progressive Megan Munson-Warnken, running in the special council election...

* Despite having been approached by the Progs late in the game, and despite having been whomped last weekend by the flu, Megan is undeterred and optimistic. She describes running for office as something she's "always wanted to do" and says this year is particularly exciting because "so much is coming up for Burlington."

* Munson-Warnken is 31 years old. She is married with two pre-school age children. Her husband is a physician at Community Health Center while Megan is a co-owner of Viva Espresso, a small cafe in the old end she help start in order to create a space where children were "not just tolerated, but really welcome." She claims an ancestral heritage in Vermont, but was raises herself in the Portland Oregon area. Munson-Warnken earned a masters degree in literature from the University of Washington and has held several jobs teaching under provisional licensure.

* She said that were she to win she would put a lot of focus on issues surrounding children and education. She said whereas the school board focuses on school policy, the city council could help out with budgeting and other support for the school district. Megan reports that Viva Espresso recently hosted a meeting of old north end parent with kids about to start school at either Barnes or Wheeler.

* On the topic of SEI (Socioeconomic Integration of schools) she's "not necessarily against it...but it needs to be approached thoughtfully and intentionally." On school redistricting, she said the lines that determine which school a child will go to doesn't always make sense.

...Ok I hate to do this, but I have to run to work again and is blocked there, so... I'll have to revise this post tonight. No sequel. I'll just revise and update this post, so stay tuned...


Monday Morning. Well really it's still Sunday night, just past midnight. But it's been a busy weekend and I know some of you would like me to finish typing out my notes on my phone call with Ward One special-election candidate Megan Munson-Warnken, so... more bullets and blurbs for y'all..

*Ok... She met her husband in Portland and moved here with him about three years ago when he got a job at Community Health Center. She's had a bunch of teaching experience including working at an inner city school in New Haven Connecticut, where they were "rationing toilet paper." She said sometimes the media unfairly portray Barnes and Wheeler schools as if they had problems as dire as she saw there.

* She started planning Viva Espresso in late 2005. Besides the its mission of welcoming children, Megan said Viva also focuses on reducing global warming by purchasing from local farms and suppliers.

*When I asked why she decided to join up with the Progressives instead of, say, the Dems she responded that she had been a Democrat her whole life, but was "not excited with where they have gone on a national level." Although she thinks the Dems have done some good things on health care and has hope for Barak Obama, she said it was "exciting to live in a place with a viable third party." "The more voices in the system," she said "the more accountable everyone is."

Yikes. That was basically the rest of my notes for that phone call. Sorry I made you wait all weekend for such a short update. I'll have some material from other candidates up shortly. In the meantime, check out the forums that Jeremy Ryan has set up.
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Mulligan Elected to Lead Greens
It looks like Owen Mulligan is now the leader of the Burlington Greens. Let's all wish Owen the best as he works to carry his party forward. Story from Seven Days.
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Two Council Candidates Start Blogs
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Megan Munson-Warnken I
Thursday, February 01, 2007
I had a nice chat with Megan Munson-Warnken on the phone yesterday. I haven't had a chance to write it up... So in the meantime you can re-read last year's post "Kid Friendly Breakfast with Bob Kiss." Megan and her huband hosted that event.

Gotta run to work...
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