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I have some acute emotions today on Easter.  Poopsie did a great job creating an egg hunt for our kids and her sister’s kid’s in the backyard this morning.  Now they’re all at her parents’ house in Cochester having Easter lunch.  I stayed home.  Earlier I brought the kids over to say happy Easter to my father.  My Dad, who is several years older than one hundred,  insisted on boiling a few eggs with some onion skins to send home with us.

When I was a kid, I probably perceived Christmas as the biggest deal of the year, but in retrospect I’d have to say it was Easter because we travelled every year to Springfield Massachusetts where we dressed up and went to services at the Armenian Church where I was baptized.  I cherish those memories.  As I write I can recall staring at the ceiling fan during a long, boring service that I didn’t understand at all because it was conducted in Armenian.  The priest shaking his incense thing and the smell of it.

And I woke up to an Easter email from my sister’s granddaughter Tatevik in Yerevan who was my main translator when I visited in 2009.   And I’m reminded from that trip, about how so much of Armenian Christianity is based  on healing.  From my father’s grandfather- a priest who would heal the sick and lame on an island in Lake Sevan, to St. Gregory himself, who was released from a 13 year captivity at the bottom of a well, to heal and illuminate the Pagan king in 301 AD… To my father drawing on the strength of our family’s bible, to help him survive a Nazi death march to Mariupol Ukraine.

So I don’t know how long I’ll have my dad, but every day with him, and everybody, is a gift.  It’s been four years since my mom died.  Nobody’s got a lot of time.  Just believe in something.  Resurrect yourself in some way.  Do like Miro and make a “fresh start.”  I think I’m going to do something different with the look and feel of this blog pretty soon.  Don’t stop reinventing yourself, and never give up.

Happy Easter.

April 8, 2012   3 Comments

Mayor Weinberger

Here is Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger being sworn in and making his inaugural speech.  Video courtesy of Greg Guma.

Oh!  And just in from WCAX, Joan Shannon is the new City Council President.  Congratulations Joan!

April 3, 2012   2 Comments