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Posts from — May 2012

Adrian for Senate Kick-Off Breakfast

Email from Ed Adrian.  (Ed I took your phone number out of this but I’ll put it back if you want. )  “Adrian” is proof that while all Armenian names end in “ian,” not all names ending in “ian” are necessarily Armenian.  Yeah.  I know some Armenians go with “yan.”  It’ just a transliteration.  Get over it.

Go Ed!


Looking for ideas outside-the-box?  Join us for a kick-off event to match!

WHEN:  June 6, 2012 from 7:30AM-9:00AM

WHERE: August First Bakery, 149 South Champlain Street, Burlington, Vermont Please let us know that you will be attending through one of the following methods:
Facebook –
Act Blue –
Twitter –
Email –

If you can’t make it, but still want to help out, please consider going to to find out more about the campaign and consider making a small contribution to help us on our way.
Best, Ed

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Chittenden County State Senate Poll

For Chittenden County State Senator: Choose not more than 6 (six).
Ed Adrian (Democratic)
Timothy Ashe (Democratic/Progressive)
Philip Baruth (Democratic)
Sally Fox (Democratic)
Bob Kiss (Independent)
Virginia Lyons (Democratic)
Loyal Ploof (Independent)
Diane Snelling (Republican)
The Church Lady (Democratic)
Free polls from

(Not Scientific)

May 28, 2012   3 Comments

Grievances Made Public

Email from the School Department’s Lawyer Joe McNeil to Molly Walsh of the Burlington Free Press…

From: Joseph McNeil
Date: Tue, May 22, 2012 at 5:03 PM
Subject: FW: Response to documents request
To: “”
Cc: Jeanne Collins, Sara Jane Mahan, Bob Abbey, DBoulanger@VTNEA, Joseph McNeil, Susan Gilfillan

Good afternoon Molly. This is to advise on behalf of the Burlington School District that the records you have requested, grievances filed by the Burlington Education Association, Inc. under its collective bargaining agreement with the District since March 1, 2012, do not fall within any of the exemptions specified in Vermont’s Access to Public Documents law. They will therefore be made available per your request. Please do not take this response as the expression of our belief that grievance records are always documents that must be disclosed on request. Much will depend on the precise nature of each grievance. However, we do believe that no exemption would be reasonably applicable to this batch. We consequently will enclose both the grievance as filed and the District’s response thereto. We note that one of these grievances is being moved to binding arbitration under the auspices of the American Arbitration Association. Nothing in this response should be considered as applicable to documents produced by either party while the matter is being considered by the appointed arbitrator.

We have scanned and are including in this email the grievances that were filed and the District’s answer where there has been one, There are official answers to the grievance that regards the English/PE positions at BHS and to grievance 2018 which is answered by letter dated May 14, 2012 Grievance 2014 related to fire alarm testing during the February break was resolved on the basis that teachers were not expected to be at the work site at that time and the alarm testing was mandatory per law; Grievance 2015 ( assignment of 9th grade teachers) was resolved by discussion at the building level and not processed thereafter. Grievance 2016 is still pending and no official District response has yet been communicated to the BEA. Grievance 2017, alleged violation of Section 14.2 re displacement of PE teacher, was resolved on the basis of the grievant being placed in a PE/Health position created in the FY 2013 budget, but official documentation of the settlement is still in progress. Best. Joe

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TJ Donovan’s Website

Click Picture to go to TJ Donovan’s Website.

At the last school board meeting, Joey Donovan and I were trying to figure out how many years ahead of her son TJ I was at BHS.   I think it’s two, but I honestley can’t remember. You cross twenty years past high school, and it sort of gets to be a blur. Well… certain memories are still vivid, just not this particular factoid. The point is I went to high school with TJ Donovan, and I’ve always liked him.  I also think he’s done a very good job at State’s Attorney. Can he beat Bill Sorrell in the Democratic primary on August 28?  I think he can.

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More to Come…

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Ed Adrian’s Website

Click Image to go to website.

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Adam Yauch 1964-2012

This is not the news I want on this cloudy Friday afternoon. I think it’s fair to say the Beastie Boys touched my life in a significant way, and of the three of them I have always most identified with MCA. Click the picture to read about Adam Yauch at the New York Times blog.

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“…as a Democratic councilor 10 years ago…”

Thanks as always to senator Jim Webb of Virginia for waking me up to what’s going on in Burlington. The Burlington Free Press’s Joel Banner Baird reports today that mayor Weinberger has nominated Ian Carleton to be the new city attorney, and that Ian Carlton wants more money to do it because he went to Yale.

Good story, but I have to question the way Baird charactarizes Carleton’s city council experience

“He served as a Democratic councilor 10 years ago and later was the Vermont Democratic Party chairman. The possibility of re-entering public service prompted him to seek the job in Weinberger’s administration, Carleton said, adding that the salary boost would give “some recognition to my compensation level over the past decade.” “

Now if memory serves Ian Carleton was the city council president as recently as five years ago, so to say he served 10 years ago is a little weird. It doesn’t tell us how long he served for, or that he was president.

But whatever. Miro’s first big scandal. It doesn’t look great to be citing Yale for more money, and I would not encourage Miro to copy Ian in this regard. Is Carleton worth it? Probably. But he also probably isn’t going to starve if he gets 105K vs the 112K he wants.

The mayor takes responsibility for the PR failure of agreeing to ask the council for the extra money for someone who is also his personal friend… I imagine Miro and Ian had the conversation about Ian skipping a pay step. Unfortunately Joel Banner Baird doesn’t have a quote from Miro in the story. That’s weird too.  Like a honeymoon preservative.

More than any of his recent predecessors, Miro has to be very careful to avoid any conflict of interest, or the appearance of any conflict of interest like padding a friend’s salary. For instance, people might question what he’s going to do with April Cornell’s old warehouse on North Avenue and whether he’ll give himself the permits to do it (!) (cymbal crash) … Well I heard he own it and was going to develop the property, but that’s unconfirmed. But you see my point. The public loves a fresh face, but we are also fickle. Oh so fickle.

I’m hopeful the mayor is successful in improving the infrastructure and the economy and contributing to the culture of the city, so I hope we don’t see too many stories like this one.

May 1, 2012   3 Comments

Marc Awodey Blast!

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